Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bargain Buys

Do you ever find that when you aren't looking for something, sometimes that's when you manage to score the best bargains.

Weeks ago I happened to be walking through Myer and spotted this fabulous handbag, originally $129 marked down to $80, better than that it was on a table with a sign that stated there was another 75% off the already reduced price. 

Hmmmmm $20, done. I can always use a new handbag.

However I was pleasantly surprised when the lovely lady at the checkout gave it to me for $5 explaining that the remaining items were about to be reduced again so I could have it for that price. 


Then today after my doctors appointment (everything is going really well so far with the pregnancy so far, so thanks again for all of your prayers and support) I ducked into Kmart to buy a gel cover for hubby's bike seat. He has started riding again and it is proving to be a little uncomfortable, given I can't join him on the rides I thought I would try and make it a little better for him.

Anyway as I was about to leave I decided to check if they had anything nice in their maternity range, unfortunately not but on my way I spotted another bargain - a 3 pack of underwear for $1, stop, go back grab 5 packs, 15 pairs for $5. Maybe I don't need that many pairs of new underwear but I won't need to buy any for quite a while!

I also managed to get 3 new bras for $3 each, wow... bargains galore!

If you need new underwear and you have a Kmart near by it might be worth your while to pop in and see what you can find! 

I didn't look at anything else but Michelle mentioned that she picked up some cushions for $3 each and a few other goodies at great prices too. 

Have you stumbled across any great bargains lately?



  1. I love a stumble bargain.....its always sweeter when you are not expecting the discount also.
    I have to say not on special but the coloured jeans at Big W are good value and a nice fit at $18.

  2. That handbag is the bargain of the century!!! love it!


  3. Nellie I was so hoping you were going to say this handbag was in your store as I love it!!! Plus I'm in desperate need of a new one.......and yes I did score a great bargain with the cushion but they were $2 each!!....can you believe's worth the 40 minute drive to Bunbury if I keep finding bargains like this....xox

  4. Go you, Nellie! Yes, I do find that when you're not actively looking for something that's when you find the most awesome bargains. Sadly, I haven't found anything much lately, I thought I had last week with a ceiling light shade at Kmart but it looked so poxy I had to take it back :( I'm so glad to hear everything's going well with your pregnancy...between you and Michelle I'm getting a bit clucky, lol!
    Cas x

  5. Hello Nellie, I'm afraid I've dropped the ball somewhere along the line as I'm just learning of your wonderful news! Very happy and excited for you and your family.

  6. Yayyyyyyy Nellie you little BARGAIN Hunter you....GREAT scores Lovey....!!

    I'm in DESPERATE need of some new undies so I'll be paying Kmart a visit first thing tomorrow....I'd LOVE a draw filled with new drawers....hahahaha....!!

    GLAD to hear all is well....!!!!!

    Bye for now,
    Tamarah xx

  7. I love that handbag and what a bargain! Your blog is so devine and having just moved into a new place I need inspiration and I know I will find it here!!

  8. Wow Nellie, the shopping gods were smiling on you with your handbag purchase. It is great.