Monday, August 13, 2012

Our weekend - Nick's birthday

It was my wonderful husband's birthday on Saturday and I feel like we spent most of the weekend celebrating by eating way too much!

My mother took us out for lunch on Saturday to all you can eat chinese, yum but too easy too eat way too much
Then back to our house for tea and cake. 

Nick requested that I make the carrot cake from the September Better Homes and Gardens magazine  

It turned out surprisingly well (I really struggle to bake cakes) and it was delicious too.

I also made some mud cupcakes just because mud cake is one of his favourites and I like to spoil him and I may have been having a craving for chocolate when I decided to make them :-)

After eating entirely way too much we sat around the table and played Taboo for a couple of hours and continued to graze on all the other naughty things like pods, M & M's, fantales, chocolate biscuits etc 

Despite the chocolate overdose we had a great time. 
We should play board games more often, I laughed so hard I cried!

Even though no one was hungry I forced them all to eat again as Nick had requested the slow cooked Pork Belly in Asian sauce also in September's Better Homes and Garden's magazine.

It had been cooking since 10 that morning and it was fantastic too. I wasn't sure about it when I was making it as the sauce had a few things that made my stomach turn as I added them but once it was all done I really enjoyed it. I can highly recommend it.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of it before we ate it all up, sorry

It looked a bit like this but I served it with mash potato instead of rice as well as broccoli (from our garden) and bok choy in oyster sauce.

I can't find links to any of the recipes on line but if you're interested let me know and I can scan them and email you a copy.

Hopefully this week I will get back to some sort of routine with my blogging, but no promises ;-)

Hope you have a fabulous week ahead



  1. Oh yum Nellie! Everything looks so good :) My hubs likes carrot cake too, but I don't bake it very often. Glad you had such a great weekend! Take care
    Cas x

  2. A veritable feast, looks yummy. The best thing about birthdays is eating cake! x

  3. It all looks so wonderful Nellie! So yummy.

    Congrats on your wonderful news...yes I am a little late. In fact I'm late with a lot of things lately, been a bit distracted, but everything's getting back to normal now
    Take care of yourself...and happy birthday to your fella!

  4. Oh yummo Nellie, what a deliciously indulgent looking weekend you had... love the pics of your sweets and cakes. You did a great job with the baking. Hubby was sufficiently spoilt it seems.

  5. Hi Nellie...I'll have to get BH&G mag when I go shopping as I love carrot cake...I would have loved to play taboo with you it's one of my favourite games and always gets very competitive in our house and funny with the kids trying to describe stuff.....glad you had a wonderful weekend and I've been craving the chocolate a bit too lately....xo

  6. Oh, it all looks wonderful...what a fabulous birthday for your hubby! Have been perusing your blog this evening and happy to be your newest follower ~