Monday, August 27, 2012

Beauty Budget

I'm broke!

Ok, not quite but I certainly would be if I kept up my beauty routine like the experts recommend.

As I reached the end of the first trimester of pregnancy (YAY!) I was feeling a little unattractive, tired, fat, green and generally blah, so I thought I would pamper myself a little. With hubby's approval (I think he may have been a little sick of my whining) I booked myself in for a series of little treats over the last three weeks.

Week one - I started off small and had an eyebrow wax as well as brow and lash tint. Nothing major, total cost $33

Week Two - Back to the beauticians for a spa pedicure, manicure and shellac nails. Bit more of a splurge at a $110

Week Three - off to the hairdressers went I for a 'colour correction' and a trim. Technical term, basically I had my roots done and a few dark foils added. So far no one (unless they were told) has noticed or commented on any difference. Total cost $200 (I also had a treatment it was $20 but it got thrown in for free) possibly because the sucker I am got sold shampoo, conditioner, weekly conditioning treatment and some blonde enhancing mousse that all should last me for at leas 4 months for the princely sum of $172. Total cost $372.

Eeek! I am all for a bit of pampering and I like to look my best but I can't keep that up. Brows and lashes need to be done at least once every 4 weeks, shellac needs redoing every 2 weeks, and my hair needs doing every 6 weeks (ongoing it would only be $150 per visit plus an extra $20 for the treatment). I haven't even factored in the leg waxing, facials, cleansers, creams etc.

Lucky for me I participated in Janine's self care swap a few weeks back and I was ever so spoilt. New magazines and chocolates but best of all home made pampering products to use on me whenever I want that won't cost me anything and if hubby reads this he will probably offer to massage my feet, hands, head etc because let's face it's much nicer when someone else does it for you.

Do you have a beauty budget, do you have any great tips or hints for me to try out. I'd love to hear how you spoil and pamper yourself.



  1. Gosh, aren't hairdressers expensive. I think that's why I don't go! Instead I cut my own hair (and Lyn's as well when he's brave enough) and today bought a tub of coconut oil from the naturopaths for my hair.
    I do very ocassionally splurge, but that will be on some natural(ish) or organic skincare, though having said that, it has been a long while. I'd kill for a massage!

  2. Oh Nellie, I don't have a beauty budget...but I do love me a pedicure!
    I have one every 6 weeks or so. I really should do it more often but I just forget. I've given up on facials and instead use a very soft facial brush on my skin each day when I wash my face in the shower. It's a great exfoliator. I use SK II cleanser and moisturiser. I don't do manicures or waxing any more, so that's it for me. As for my hair? blah! I can't decide if I should go super short or stay with the (just) above shoulder bob. Decisions. Decisions.

  3. I go to the hairdresser occasionally and have had a manicure once! Always saving for travel! x

  4. I go to the hairdressers every 6 weeks, its my one indulgence :) I also get my eyebrows waxed but that's about it. I do my own pedicures but I would love to have a massage soon. I don't get them often enough! Hope you're pampering made you feel gorgeous. You deserve it! xx

  5. I'm with paisley summer. I'd rather spend the money on travel than beauty. I mainly DIY on the beauty front, but I do go to the hairdresser which is expensive. Luckily I don't buy the shampoos. Occasionally I'll treat myself with a massage or pedicure but not very often. It does feel nice though doesn't it?

  6. Nellie, congratulations on getting into your second trimester!!! i am so happy for you!! you deserve a lovely pampering for sure!!! i dont really have any special routines as such... bit boring really!! i exfoliate once a week, use some clarins products i was given last year in a set that are going forever!!! oh, actually, i do like to use a touch of bio oil - you can even put some on your hair to smooth it down and give it shine - through the ends that is) and the cheap as chips cocoa butter is great.. when the bio oil runs out i am going to try coconut oil instead, its supposed to be great.
    hugs to you, laura xxx

  7. Hi Nellie...isn't it funny how we were both feeling blahat the end of that first trimesterlol...must be something to do with feeling terrible for 12 weeks....I just had my roots done two weeks ago and actually went a little lighter and had my eyebrows waxed the same day...yesterday i just gave myself a manicure but as the tummy is starting to get in the way I'm heading off for a leg wax and pedicure soon....I think my fave treat is a pedicure and my feet always feel so good afterwards.....and yes it's nice having someone else doing it for us we deserve it as we are always doing for others.....take care xoxo