Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our weekend

Thank you for all of your messages on our good news last week.

I am continuously amazed at the generosity and support of the blogging community and it makes me so happy that I started my little blog and joined in.
After the big announcement on Friday I unintentionally stayed away from the laptop nearly all weekend. 

I did see emails coming through on my phone though :-)
We managed to get outside and get some more work done while the sun was shining.

We have had this horrible spot in our yard that has been waiting for a solution for years now. Yes we are still renovating almost 4 years on, it seems we just keep finding more to do.

Anyways....  this slope has been a big eye sore, we wanted to keep the slope to allow easier access to the back of the yard for garbage bins and wheelbarrows etc but nothing grows except weeds. 


We finally decided to concrete the path and finish it to match our crushed limestone courtyard. 

Nick was very inventive and poured the concrete then levelled and then added crushed limestone to the top and patted it in. I think it turned out really well and because the stone is set in the concrete it won't roll down the hill or end up anywhere it shouldn't. 

I went out more for moral support rather than any usefulness to Nick but I did manage to weed the veggie garden and mulch it. 

I have been so slack over the last few months that the garden was a bit of a mess. It is quite amazing that we have some veggies growing. 

I don't really know what I am doing in the garden but I am working on it 

We often find things growing that we haven't planted and usually they are weeds but sometimes they're not. If in doubt I let it grow for a bit to see what happens.

We had a very productive day, the path is finished but I didn't take a photo of the finished path because it was dark. Once spring comes around and the backyard looks prettier I will have to take some updated photos. 

There are a few projects I haven't really shared properly that I would like to.

One is our pizza oven, we love it. I love it the most I think. Nick cooks in the pizza oven which means I get the night off and there is no oven to clean,  yay!
Here he is getting it all ready for our roast chicken dinner on Saturday. Yum!!

We have chicken and chips most Saturday nights and cooking the chicken in the fire outside is quicker and it has a fantastic smoked flavour.

I am really looking forward to the weather warming up and getting outside a bit more. How about 



  1. So love your pizza oven, next house we are definitely making space for a pizza oven. Did you build it yourselves or did you get a kit? x

  2. Just catching up on you news Nellie, so so excited for you & sending you positive thoughts for a great pregnancy.
    Your garden path is going to be fabulous, I miss haing a vege patch, is so much nicer to eat vegies freshly picked.
    have a fantastic week!!!

  3. Nice slope - good for pram access.

  4. Hi Nellie....yes like you I am looking forward to the weather warming up and getting outside in the garden more but also getting back to the beach!! I have missed the beach so much and even though I'll be huge over summer and maternity bathers will be on the list I don't care because I love the water.......I have to ask you what are you using on your broccoli and cabbage?? They are two veges I can never seem to get to take off.....xo

  5. Hi Nellie, I've been absent from the blog for a little while and just popped in to view a couple of blogs today and saw your news. That is just fabulous - I'm so happy for you. What a joy. Take it easy and enjoy the thrill. Much love, Beth x

  6. Boy your vegoes look good Nellie! The path looks great too, I like the idea of mushing the pebbles into the concrete :)
    I am still so thrilled for you. I have been thinking about you, especially since my sister's baby arrived andhave been meaning to email you. Take care xx