Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My House

I've been swapping things around again, it is always so much fun and it means I can display all of the new goodies from my store :-)

Remember this corner here, 

well it isn't like that any more 

but before I move on and show you the new display, 
a few lovely ladies commented on this tray and glass cover last time I showed you pictures and I am pleased to say that I was able to get a few in to sell and they are available now in store here for $49.95

This is my corner now

This gorgeous three head metal candle holder is available in store here for $69.95

 I love the finish on it

This urn is also available in store here for $54.95

I can think of so many uses for it, roll up your hand towels and display them in the urn, create a gorgeous floral display, I think it will look fabulous at Christmas full of pretty baubles too

This plate is just perfect for serving cakes or cookies, display your favourite jewellery in the bedroom or pile up some pretty soaps in the bathroom

You can buy it in store here for $19.95

I hope you like the new items I have available.

Is anyone else thinking Christmas yet or is it just me?

I am really looking forward to it this year & am hoping (but not promising) to have a VIP night at my house for
to launch my Christmas stock.



  1. Oh i love it all, totally my colours, style & multifunctional pieces for the house. VIP nights are brilliant, do it, for sure!! Love Posie

  2. Oh Nellie I still want to buy that tray and glass cover but will have to save up for it. J x

  3. Very pretty Nellie, I also love how you give us a variety of ideas of how we could use your fabulous pieces around our home!

  4. Nellie, i love the little pops of lime!!! so sweet! Wow, a vip night, that will be so much fun! i wish i lived closer so i could attend! I love living in WA but it does have alot of downsides unfortunately!
    laura xxx

  5. What lovely stuff! I just noticed that you're from Orange. That's where I grew up. Hope you're keeping warm x

  6. I can guarantee you that I too am already thinking of Christmas.. As a matter of fact my tree is already up and I have already some of the gifts under the tree.. Now you see, I am not so obvious.. lol.. I love the urns you have, how much does it cost if it's shipped outside the country? They are good for my patio, I can see the picture clearly in my mind now.. :)

    1. I just love Christmas and am looking forward to it. The urns are fabulous but unfortuntely I don't ship internationally. Thanks for stopping by. xx