Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vintage Tea Party Photo Shoot

My very creative friend Kiah from Stephens Photography organised some local ladies to work together to help promote our businesses, so on Monday a group of us met to put together a vintage tea party photo shoot

I was asked to style the photoshoot and I was so excited!

It was fantastic getting my ideas together and planning for the big day.

Unfortunately we live in Orange and getting a nice day at this time of the year is pretty tricky so after a few postponements we finally went ahead and bit the bullet

As you can see from my behind the scenes photos it was pretty gloomy and cold! I started setting up about 1pm and I was praying for the wind to die down a bit, hanging the lanterns was easier when they weren't swinging around wildly.

Our models were all so excited, I guess for them it was like one big party and yes they did get to eat all of those yummy treats at the end, I may even have sampled an oreo cake pop too :-)

 The models were all so professional and braved the cold, mummies were on hand to wrap them up in between photos and I think they all looked so adorable.

Kiah's photos look fantastic, she has done a great job off capturing the girls having fun and showing off all of our products at the same time.

You can pop over to Stephens Photography album here to have a look at the photos so far, they really are fabulous and there is a great one of my foot stool I featured last week.

All the lovely ladies involved are listed below:

Photography by Kiah from Stephens Photography

Styling by Nellie McCarthy from McCarthy Designs & Occasions

The delicious candy bar and pink lemonade beverage stand was supplied and decorated by  Kristy from Candy Chic

The outfits were handmade by the very talented Toni from Two Little Chimps

Each individual headband was designed and put together by Kylie from Madeleine Designs Hair Acessories

Cake was made by Barb Last from Barb Last Cakes

Our beautiful models are - Holly, Abby, McKenna, Allera, Eliza and Sienna.


  1. Wow this is just fantastic! Well done on the styling Nellie :-) and everything looks SO delicious!!



  2. Hi Nellie....looks like fun was had by all, espescially the girls....boy do I remember all the tea parties me and my sisters had growing know what you mean about trying to get a good shot the weather here hasn't exactly been the best photo weather either but like professionals we manage don't we....take care chat soon...xo

  3. It all looks so beautiful Nellie. I can hear the excitement in your writing which is really nice. I'm sure it wont be the last for you!x

  4. The photos look great and you wouldn't know it's a cold day! x

  5. The stool looks so good in the photo. I think all the pictures look great.

  6. Oh my, Nellie these photos are spectacular. What a beautiful vintage tea party... I would have LOVED to go along to something like that, as a little girl AND now! I think you've done a superb job, weather and wind and cold aside. The children are adorable xo

  7. Anonymous27 July, 2012

    hi nellie. this looks so amazingly beautiful. i think my penny would love this so much. you did a gorgeous job. the colours and scenery are perfect. xo

  8. Oh love it! Well done of the styling. It is just beautiful and has inspired me to do something similar for my daughters birthday later this year. Great for a Spring party too. Gx

  9. How gorgeous nellie! a lot of hard work, but it paid off! Everything looks so wonderful!! it looks like a lot of fun too, and the weather looks nice with the white in the background! Laura xx

  10. Fabulous styling Nellie. It is all so beautiful. xx