Saturday, July 21, 2012

Favourite Pin of the Week

I seem to be drawn to bedrooms on the weekends, 

I wonder why :-)


source should be found via here


  1. it is the drawing need to lay on that bed Nelly.

    Go for it I say and have a great rest - while you are there shut out the world and find that zen moment :)

    (ps: I have made a special mention of you on the blog today loulou, from here i am loulou blog)

  2. Nelli, this is tres magnifite'. The ornate columns advthe dentals of the cornice are gorgeous. I am recovering from my surgery in my bed for the next few days. Wish I was propped up in this picture with a silver tea tray!

  3. Such a beautiful image Nellie... I love everything about it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.XXX

    1. What a gorgeous bedroom, totally smitten! Have a lovely day xx