Monday, July 9, 2012


Ever since we went digital, I rarely get photos printed. 

I am so slack.

I used to scrapbook all the time, I loved adding photos to the albums and telling a story.

That just doesn't happen any more.

Maybe I need to learn how to digitally scrapbook, that may work!

These gorgeous albums make me wish I had photos to fill them with 

They would look so lovely on the coffee table
always ready for you to look through and remember.

Both styles are now available in my store

How about you, do you print your photos on a regular basis or are you more like me and leave them all saved on the PC?



  1. I am like you and save them all on the pc or portable hard drive. I am terrible, if I print or enlarge them I never get around to framing them.

  2. That tiny little hard drive takes up so much less room and I can send them to the family!!!! So yes I am guilty of not printing them off!!!

  3. Im with you Nellie, I leave them on the pc, but i was considering trying to do an annual photo book each year, just printing the highlights, otherwise you dont really look at your photos.
    Love your albums though, they would be stunning on a coffee table!!
    Have a great week.
    P.S Im having a give away on my blog this week, you might like it!!!

  4. I print off photos every few months. I used to scrapbook so I was always getting photos printed off. Now I hardly scrap. However I am doing a project life album on our renovations. I have also used some of the photos to do photobooks and use those as gifts for family.

  5. Unfortunately I don't print my pics off anywhere near as often as I should but am going to make more of an effort to print, frame and albumn my pics from now on....we haven't even printed off all our wedding pics yet and put them in an albumn.....I'll definitely be buying the album with the eiffel tower on it....xo

  6. Funny you should mention this nellie, i have been sorting through some pics of my granny to send to my dad in an album that i bought last week! wish i had seen yours first though!!!
    laura xx