Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I am not a huge rugby league fan but we will be watching the State of Origin again tonight with the family so in the spirit of things I am showing support for The NSW Blues in my own pretty way!

Go the blues!!!


images are pinned to my Blue board on Pinterest
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  1. Very pretty way of showing your support you know I'll be watching the Blues tonight too....I just finished my light blue fluffy scarf to show support....check it out on instagram.....xo Enjoy the game and here's hoping they win...for the Nick and Chris' sake lets hope they win hehe...xo

  2. Sorry Nellie just not my thing at all!!!! But I love your blue pics!!!!

  3. I'm not much into football either but I do love your take on the blues especially those pretty bottles with flowers in them. xx

  4. Lovely blue pics. I hear it was a very close thing. Commiserations! x