Monday, July 16, 2012

Before & After - Footstool

School holidays are over, it is nice having a break from the usual school routine but it's nice to get back into it too.  

I am finally feeling well enough to get back into my walking and even tried some yoga today, though I might have overdone it starting both on the same day :-)

We had a pretty quiet weekend here making the most of the last few days before school went back resting and just hanging out.

I finally got motivated enough to complete a really little project that I am ashamed to say has been waiting for  almost a year.

We bought this cute little footstool from a Second hand store in a little town not far from Orange. 

Nick really liked the patina on the stool as is, so I resisted my urge to paint it white and just gave it a quick sand to clean it up.

See, not much different

I even bought the material for this project months ago, 

I have just been so slack!

I did make an attempt about 2 months ago to finish my foot stool so I stopped in to our local upholstery store only to discover that they no longer sell foam, they only use it for their own work :-(

There is no where else to buy it from in Orange so I had to leave it until we were next in Bathurst, Sydney or Dubbo at a time when the store was open. 

Then on the weekend I had an idea to use a cushion insert instead, not quite what I originally planned but it worked and it was actually easier as I didn't have to sew anything!

I just used the very handy staple gun and voila! 

all done, and in less than 3 minutes!

When I need a change I can paint it white and replace the top with a square cushion, add some piping and it will be like new again.

What do you think? 

Easy and very comfy.



  1. Very cute Nellie and I love the fabric....don't you just love those staple guns...i love mine and it came in very handy when I did Chris' bedside table...xo

  2. Its amazing how we stumble across great ideas when pressed a little. I love the fabric...xK

  3. Very nice - Love the fabric

  4. Nice work. I love the patina and the cushion idea was great.

  5. Clever thinking!! great job!!

  6. So gorgeous, Nellie! As much as I love white, I'm kinda glad you didn't paint it.


  7. Anonymous16 July, 2012

    Great find Nellie and that fabric is gorgeous!
    Cas x

  8. It looks so cute. Comfy too.

  9. The colours of the fabric and wood look so good together. Isn't it annoying when you can't just pop into a shop and get what you need. Good thinking on your part though! xx

  10. Love it Nellie, YOu are so creative. Glad to hear you are feeling better and getting out side. God Bless xx

  11. It looks amazing...adore the fabric!!