Friday, July 20, 2012

Endless Wardrobe

The lovely and generous Trish recently hosted a fabulous competition that I was lucky enough to win, Yay!!!!

Endless Wardrobe was kind enough to provide the winner with a gift voucher to their online store.

I am so excited and thoroughly confused there is so much to choose from.

They have a great range and great prices you should pop over and have a look.

I am a huge fan of online shopping, I find it is particularly good on a Friday night when the Footy is on. I can sit next to hubby while he watches and I use my laptop to shop :-)

Thank you to Trish and thank you to Endless Wardrobe for my great prize

Hope you all have a great weekend


  1. How exciting Nellie! I love internet shopping as well, but so much better when you can sho for free! I had to smile as Lyn is watching the footy and I'm on the couch with the laptop :)
    Have a sweet weekend xx

  2. Watching the, I love it.....knitting and reading blogs! Nothing like multi skilling!!
    I like the tweed handbag x

  3. Anonymous20 July, 2012

    Lucky you. It looks fabulous! Have a lovely weekend Nellie. Xo

  4. Well done Nellie

    who wouldn't love a little win with a voucher for some new fashion.

    I'll pop over and have a look at the site too.

    hope this finds you well and have a lovely weekend

    x Loulou

  5. Happy shopping Nellie xxx