Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Raindrops keep falling on my head......

Its raining and it looks like it is set to stay, this is not great news for most of our farming customers as rain during harvest is not very helpful at all!

I am still extremely busy at work and at home but I have been stopping by to visit but not always leaving comments.

I have really been enjoying all of the fantastic Christmas decorating that has been featured lots throughout blog land and we have made a start with our decorating at home.

I will hopefully get organised and share some photos of our home decorationa with you soon! 

In the mean time given the weather we are having I thought I would brighten the day with some of the lastest photos from our garden.

I'm all about keeping it real and that's why you see cobwebs on the pots and chicken wire around our plants (keeps the dog from eating them).

It has nothing to do with me being too lazy to style my shots!

The great thing about all of the rain we are having is that the plants have all really taken off. Sure beats watering the garden with a bucket for an hour each week!

and just to keep it even more real, this is our latest project. Currently on hold because of the rain, however I can see us having to get out in the rain in the evenings after work if we want to get the yard looking presentable for Christmas and all of the festivities that we have planned.

Ooops, sorry about the photo, unlike today it was quite a sunny day when I took that shot!

Hope you are all loving the build up to Christmas!



  1. Your garden is looking beautiful Nellie, so many lovely flowers. Looks like a great place to relax on a FINE day!!

  2. Your garden looks beautiful Nellie, and I like the cobwebs! It's cold and wet here too and feels like summer will never arrive.

  3. Nellie, thanks for these fresh floral images. I heard its a bumper crop this year 25 bags to the acre out west! But that the rain is threatening harvest. Hope you get some sunshine soon x

  4. Nellie, your garden looks lovely! I hope the rain eases up soon so you can finish your project. ;-)

  5. Nothing beats rainwater for the garden. Your garden looks great for it!xx

  6. Your garden is looking so lovely - I love the plants in the half wine barrel planter. Please send some rain back over this way to WA - it's been scorching hot here the last few days and my poor vegie patch is looking worse for wear!!

  7. hi nellie, wow, your garden is so gorgeous!!! i am so jealous!! its funny how we can be in the same country, and you are having rain, we are in the high 30s! I think your nicholas would have a ball here with my boys in the pool and well, yes, the playstation!! What did kids do before ps???? who knows! You must let me know if you ever come over to perth nellie, would love to meet you ìn person, for real!!!! I hope you are doing okay health wise... hugs and good wishes, Laura xxx

  8. Gorgeous blooms and greenery Nellie. Here on the farm the crops are browning off, as is the lawn. A few herbs and the odd seedling Ive planted are it. Nice to see some of the color we have had.
    Rebecca x

  9. Your garden is looking so beautiful! You have a green thumb indeed! I haven't decorated yet either, but I am sure it will happen by the end of the week!

  10. loving your nature Christmas photos, beautiful. Just started decorating my self. Has it stoppped raining?


  11. Hi Nellie,
    Your garden is just lovely, such beautiful flowers!
    I hope I find you well and I wish you a very happy week!

  12. Nellie,
    I love the use of used brick, and it is going to look wonderful when it is done I can tell :)

    Rain, Rain, go away come, and visit me someday!

    We just do not get enough rain in California. U.S

    Have a great holiday girl.

  13. Very good stuff..