Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In the bedroom

When I posted my mini bedroom makeover I forgot to point out an important thing and a few not so important things....

The important thing was to point out my very lovely lamp that I won from Sandy, I mentioned earlier that I would show you where it lives and unless you were super observant you wouldn't have seen it!

The other thing I wanted to point out is that our bedroom makeover is not finished yet, in the near future I will have some art hanging on the wall above the bed, I just need to get to work on it......

Further in the future I will have he cupboards painted white and then even further in the future we will have new carpet and french doors opening onto a little courtyard where we can sit and enjoy our backyard. I will shoe you when it's done... just don't hold your breath : )

I also need to declutter the top of my drawers, it's just that every time I go to put some stuff away I can't bring myself to do it!

It is one spot where I just love to display all of the glittery sparkly things and all of the little things that are special to me.

Do you have a spot like this?



  1. I love the "Will you marry me?" photo. What a great memory. I have little spots all over the house but I suppose my work room will be the main place for it. We are yet to start reno on our bedroom so it's not a pretty spot at the moment.I love the sounds of French doors!

  2. Hi Nellie, all your beautiful things look gorgeous by your bed. Thanks for making a mention about the lamp is goes perfect in your bedroom and arrived just when you needed some lovin. Sandy xx

  3. Hi Nellie, its all those sentimental things that you can'tput away that make it your warm inviting home, you should keep them there as Im sure they are the things that make you smile each day.
    You future plans for your bedroom sound lovely, french doors always seem romantic in a bedroom!!

  4. I liked seeing this little nook in your home. Your photos are beautiful and is that how hubby proposed (the 'Will you marry me' shot? HOW COOL!)
    French doors will be sooo nice!

  5. Ah, yes I have a little spot or two like that. Sometimes I have too many spots and a declutter is in order.

  6. Hi Nellie, the 'in the bedroom' title had me concerned at first (te he). Seriously though your room looks wonderful - love the lamp in situ too. My 'spot' like this is on a shelf near our kitchen. Michelle

  7. Hi nellie, I so love the beautiful pic of your and your husband, you are both so cute (and look so young! - or maybe I am just getting older and everyone else is looking younger!!!) And that green brooch is just so gorgeous, as is your pretty lamp! How are you feeling at the moment? Hope you are good, better than good actually!!
    love to you,
    Laura xxx

  8. Nellie, all your things look beautiful...

  9. Lovely post and photos Nellie and what a cute couple you make. Thanks so much for your gorgeous blog comments - I'm excited you are an Orange girl. I can't rave enough about the place and hope to move back there one day...the folks retired there from Condo about 10 yrs ago. Paula x

  10. Gorgeous spot for your beautiful treasures and I love your lamp, it is gorgeous! ~ Tina xx