Wednesday, November 24, 2010


 Do you ever feel like escaping?

I feel very much like that today....

With the end of year looming and less than three weeks to annual leave everyone decides that it is a good time to buy new property or refinance etc...

So there is lots to do......

Both at work and at home

This beautiful serene bathroom really appeals to me today, nice and calm and relaxing

We do have these tiles at home.

That will have to be close enough for me when I get home tonight.

I am sure with a glass of wine and some candles I can close my eyes lie back in the tub and pretend.

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Hope your day is better.



  1. Beautiful bathroom, it is very relaxing

  2. Oh, I hope your birthday turned out better than you thought it was going to Nellie. I wish I had somewhere to escape to today, myself...:S Sending you hugs ~ Tina xx

  3. Nellie, SOunds as though you need a nice big hug and a good cup of tea. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day :)

  4. Hi Nellie, everyone gets a little uptight at this crazy time of year. Take time out for yourself and breath. Have the soak in the tub and enjoy. P.S make sure you light some candles. Enjoy! ;-)

  5. Love the bathroom Nellie, the white is beautiful! Emma.

  6. loving this blog more and more every day