Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chook House

This old cubby house was a bonus we got when we bought our house.

2 years ago this is where is stood.

Last summer we did a lot of work in the back yard and replaced out rotting deck with paving.

As part of the work we relocated the cubby to the back left corner with plans to one day turn it into a chook shed.

During the October school holidays I managed to get out and give the house a mini makeover.

I gave the house a new coat of paint and young Nicholas helped me make some window boxes out of old pallets we had.

We still have some work to do before we can let the chickens move in but for now it looks
Much better and the total cost of this project was $10 for the petunia's, everything else we already had left over from other projects.

Thank you to all of my lovely friends for being concerned for me and asking how I am going, I had an exciting weekend with an overnight stay in hospital. I started bleeding quite heavily on Sunday afternoon and Nick took me to ED. The gyno on duty removed some more tissue and after consultation with my gyno believe that it may have been a large piece of placenta left. They think that it could have been what they were seeing on the ultrasound and mistaking for the AVM. I was kept overnight because I lost a fair bit of blood and my blood pressure was low so they monitored me, I am back home now and having a few days off work to rest. I have a few more tests over the next few weeks that will hopefully confirm that I am on the mend.

I hope you are all having a lovely day and I aim to spend some time catching up with your blogs this afternoon.


P.S  I just went back over to check my spelling and realised I could include another before and after in this one blog, in the first picture you can see a little puppy running around. It was taken in October 2009, here is that little puppy now.


  1. Oh my, I was all set to complement the adorable shed and then I read about your miscarriage and continuing issues. I hope you are doing so much better now, I can't imagine what a heartache you've been through. I'm thinking about you!

  2. Hi Nellie, so glad to hear you are on the mend and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. I love what you did to the shed whilst you wait to decide about your chickens. How cute does it look now! ;-)

  3. Rest up, I hope things get better for you soon. I will say that is one fantastic makeover on the cubby! Dare I say a little too nice for the chooky's! Xx

  4. You poor possum...I really hope things are on the up and up very soon. And I think that is going to be the best chook shed ever!

  5. Hi lovely, I am so sorry to hear that you have still been experiencing some complications... rest up and I hope things correct themselves very soon! Love the cubby, especiialy the gorgeous window boxes and the fact that you achieved the result for $10! S x

  6. Nellie, I hope you're feeling a little better at least. So sorry to hear about your news.

    I do love your cubby come chook house though. You've done a great job on it. I wish our chook shed looked as good.

    Take care of yourself

  7. Hi Nellie,

    I'm glad to hear you are on the mend now- sounds quite stressful! Hugs to you.


    PS. The chicken shed looks great-we'd love chickens, you'll have to tell me how it all goes...

  8. Oh my gosh Nellie, you have been in the wars. You poor thing. Gosh, I hope that's the end to it all :)
    Your future chockhouse is great. I love the makeover, especially the flowers! What a cute pooch but boy has he grown!!

  9. I think you have the loveliest chook shed ever - so cute!! I noticed the little puppy running around in the shot :) I'm sorry to hear you've still been having issues healthwise - I hope you are resting up lovely lady and I hope things start to improve for you soon x

  10. Good to hear you are well. I love the chook house - with flowers too! And some big puppy, he/she is adorable. Have just been catching up on your blog. Love your office space, would be a dream to work in.
    Enjoy your week.
    Rebecca x

  11. Make the most of your rest and LOOK AFTER YOURSELF! Here's hoping the news is only good. As for the stylish hen house! It looks great and what a clever idea to transform the cubby into a hen house!
    X Briohny.

  12. I hope you are feeling better and giving yourself the chance to put your feet up and relax!!

    You've done a gorgeous job with the mini-reno!! It looks fabulous!

    And your puppy has grown Oh so much!! ADORABLE!!

    :) Hazel
    Hazel Loves Design

  13. Such a super stylish chook house, I think all the other chickens in Orange will be envious of the hens that get to live in such style!!!

    Your puppy has certainly grown in that time.

    Sounds like you have still been feeling rather exhausted, hopefuly that was the end of your bad health & its all good from here on in... Im sending all of my good healthy thoughts your way!!
    get well Nellie xxxx

  14. Hi Nellie, I am so sorry to hear you are having difficulties and I hope things will get better soon. The shed looks adorable with those cute flower boxes and I love your sweet "big puppy!" Too cute!

  15. Sure hope you are now on the mend. You better take it easy while you can.
    Love the new hen house. The flower boxes really added alot to it. I looks like a cute playhouse, maybe a little upscale for the hens. Ha. They will enjoy their new digs.
    Get better!

  16. How are you darling!
    t's been a long time...
    I hope youare doing great!
    talk to you soon!

    Love your Little house!

  17. Hi Nellie, i love your little house, it has so much character. We have an old rotting cubby one in our backyard and you have inspired me to do some work on it. Fingers crossed your tests come back with the news you want to hear. Stay well lovely lady.
    Donna xx

  18. Hi nellie, you poor thing. That just sounds so awful. Its such a long time to still have tissue remaining.. I do hope that you are feeling better now and that the drs have managed to get you back to good health now. Dont give up. I will be praying for you xx Love the gorgeous chook shed!!!! my chooks would be very jealous! You did a very wonderful job!
    lots of love, Laura xxx

  19. Hi Nellie! Hope you are feeling better and that all goes well with the new test that they want to run.

    You little shed looks great with it's new face lift. And your puppy has grown and is so cute!

  20. What a nice renovation you did on that mini-house...

    Hope you are already doing okay and in the pink of health.

  21. I'm just catching up with your blog Nellie. I'm glad you're on the mend. Take care of yourself.

    And your chook house looks like it would've been a fun thing to do with your son. xx