Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bag Lady

Earlier this week I read the post from

and I have realised that I have a slight bag obsession

it all started with a guest post on Mamamia where Kate Hunter confessed she owns just one bag

I immediately clicked on the link and read Kate’s post as well as all of the comments left.

Sure I have many bags (I am actually too afraid to count) but I only ever use one at a time! I mean I usually use the same bag through the week and perhaps swap it over on the weekends or in the evenings!

I confess I have bags that I bought and I have only used once or twice because they aren’t practical but they look too good to get rid of so they sit in my cupboard looking pretty.

Of course as I read through the “I love pretty things” post I stopped a few times, once was to visit the bragbags site because apparently they make great bags that are affordable, so of course I had to check them out.

One of my favourites


and then I saw this Epiphanie camera bag….

and that’s when I decided I need one in order to carry around hubby’s camera! I don’t mind that it weighs a tonne I think the red bag is just perfect! Do you think he’d mind carrying his camera around in it?

Even more disturbing is that when I saw this ensemble

Isoki reversible baby bag

I added the link to the shop as a favourite, hopefully there will be a time soon that I need to buy it! My favourite is this set


So what about you are you a bag lady or a shoe lass?



  1. Very cool bags! I like their practical designs. How cool is that red camera back, much prettier than my black boring camera bag!
    I used to be a bag lady but now I just go between my little messanger style handbag for my Will-free days then on the other days I use Will's little owl school bag to carry the nappies and my wallet etc. I've got so many handbags up the top of the cupboard which I NEVER use, I should have a dig around and maybe use some of them more. Great post Nellie, I hope you're having a great day,

  2. Oh wow, what gorgeous bags. I love the first one but my favourite is that red camera bag - I definitely need one of those!!! I use the same everyday bag but if I am going somewhere special at night, I'll swap to one of my prettier night time bags.

  3. That's a great camera bag. They tend to be do boring, don't they?
    I dont know if I'm a bag or shoe lady. I have a few bags and rotate them a little, my fave is a charcoal/ blue one with brown handles from country road. So soft and practical :)

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  5. I have never seen such a cool camera bag. I love it. It doesn't scream tourist or photographer. It is gorgeous.

  6. So nice to find a fellow bag lady!! How amazing are those camera bags ... they are even more beautiful in real life :)
    Kelly (I love pretty things)

  7. Oooh, I think I am both, is that selfish, I love bags & shoes. That camers bag is fantastic, I recently got a fabulous camera bag from Jo Totes!

  8. Oh how I LOVE bags, but I also LOVE shoes!! I have found that as I've gotten older my taste in bags has become more and more expensive, so I can only afford to own one or two bags now. Where as I can NEVER walk past a shoe sale!!!

    I am currently on the hunt for a good baby bag, so I may need to check out this site!!

    :) Hazel

  9. Adore the red camera bag. Alas I am both a bag and shoe lady!!

    Art by Karena

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  10. Hi nellie, great choices there! I do hope too that one day you will be needing a baby bag. Hope you are doing well sweetie. sending you my thoughts and hugs xx I have a few bags i guess, but get into the havit of using the same one all the time. And have lots of shoes, but end up in my ipanemas all the time!!! Guess I am too much of a comfort girl!!
    have a really lovely week!
    Laura xxx

  11. Ummmmm....can I be both.....??? lol!

    xoxo laurie