Monday, May 30, 2011

Back to the grindstone

I survived my first day back at work and it was easier than I thought. I didn’t burst into tears at any stage and I only had 497 emails to go through!

I am always surprised at how little things change when I am away from work for a week or two or even a month. Prior to going on annual leave I always spend the last few days working like crazy to make sure that everything is in order and that all my colleagues know where all of my deals are up to, what all the clients are up to, just in case.

Even this time when I got out of hospital I went into work late on the Monday evening to check my diary, put my out of office on and distribute my current workload amongst my colleagues.

The funny thing is that when I get back to work nothing has changed. We still have the same issues with the same clients, the same frustrations, just as many outstanding reports to complete and it feels like I was never away!

I hope you don't mind me sneaking in pics of my Mother's Day gifts, I wasn't much in the mood for blogging then but I did want to share my new cushions and birdcage with you.

I included the one of Jemima just because ......

I was very spoilt on Mother's Day and every day since! My boys also bought me a Nespresso (unfortunately it doesn't come with George, but my Hubby is much better anyway!) and I have at least one yummy coffee made for me everyday.

I hope you had a great start to your week!



  1. How great to hear you sounding so chipper Nellie! I'm the same with work, I panic about having time off and inconveniencing someone. Silly.
    What lovely presses and what a sweet puss :)

  2. I always think things will fall apart at work without me, then find that everyone manages really well and I am really just a wee blip on the radar.

    Nespresso's are fabulous....I think they make a better cup than my espresso machine that takes lots more work. Jemima is gorgeous!

  3. Lovely presents Nellie and I love the name Jemima! ;-)

  4. well I'm so pleased that you can move on (slowly) and start to look forward to the future again, obviously it's still very raw. I wish you so well.. xxxx

  5. Glad to hear the first day back wasnt too bad. Some things never change, which can be comforting :) Your Mother's Day pressies are gorgeous and lovely to hear your boys are spoiling you. You deserve it xx

  6. Beautiful pictures. I am so sorry that you have to go through this.

  7. Gorgeous gifts and a very comfy cat - she is beautiful. They obviously missed you at work, good to hear your day was good. A great start to any day with a Nespresso -I want one!!! Take care

  8. I'm so glad that your first day back was ok. And I know what you mean, I remember getting back to work and feeling like nothing had changed. I hope your week continues to go well my dear and I LOVE your mothers day gifts, the cushion and birdcage are gorgeous! And I would love a nespresso machine they are so cool.
    Big hugs :)

  9. Love to see you back. Loving your birdcage and cushion so very gorgeous! I'm having a giveaway so pop on over :) X

  10. Good on you Nellie. That first day back at work would have been a challenge, and you did it. Lovely to see you around in blog land. I love your cushion and please give details on the Nespresso, it's on my wish list. Is it as good as it sounds. Did yours come with an attached frother?

  11. I'm so glad things went well when you went back to work Nellie. It was good that work was the same as usual, it would have made the transition easier too. Being spoilt on Mother's Day is kind of nice, glad your boys may you feel special. xo

  12. Hi Nellie,
    I was very sorry to read your blog and hear your news.
    It is a cruel thing.
    My brother and his wife lost twin boys at 26 weeks and shattered all of our lives, then a year later I miscarried at 12 weeks. It is a very lonely time but you will find courage to move on.
    I now have a litttle crazy almost 4yr old who came along a year later and my brother has two beautiful boys who keep him on his toes.
    Hope you find strength in your friends and family, keep busy and surround your self with beautful things. Sounds like a good excuse for a shopping trip :-)
    Take care of you

  13. Hey sweet Nellie ♥ I've been keeping you in my prayers, my friend, and was so glad to see you back in blogland and back to work. Bless you!

    xoxo laurie