Thursday, May 26, 2011


Grief is a multi-faceted response to loss, particularly to the loss of someone or something to which a bond was formed. Although conventionally focused on the emotional response to loss, it also has physical, cognitive, behavioral, social, and philosophical dimensions. While the terms are often used interchangeably, bereavement often refers to the state of loss, and grief to the reaction to loss.

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There are stages of grieving and everyone grieves differently.

As part of my grieving I wrote my last post. I wasn’t being particularly brave or strong when I wrote it. I cried as I typed and at times I had to stop writing and let my tears flow free before I could continue. Putting my experience in writing was a step that I needed to take so that I could move on a bit further through my grief.

Once I had written about my experience I was able to stop remembering every detail just in case I forgot. I knew I could go back and read it whenever I needed to.

Each day gets easier and each day I have been feeling stronger physically, spiritually and emotionally. I am so thankful that I was able to take time to be alone and to rest, to heal. I am glad that I didn’t have to rush back into society and act normal!

Next week I am going back to work and I am ready to try again!

During these last weeks the Lord has shown me how much I have to be thankful for and how blessed I am. I have discovered just how much good there is in the world and how important relationships are.

Thank you for all of your kind words, your thoughts, support and prayers. Each and every comment helped me along in my recovery and made me feel cared for,

it has made me realise how important a kind word can be and I pray that I will be able to bless others the way that you have all blessed me.




  1. Oh Nellie, I must have missed your previous post. My heart breaks for you. I want to give you a big hug. Lots of love, wishes and prayers sent your way xx

  2. ohh Nellie you are on my mind glad to hear that slowly you are healing and get better..sending you all my hugs to you sweet girl xx

  3. Nellie, i am happy that you are feeling a little better. And so glad that you have found some ways to help the healing process... You have been on my mind, and in my prayers. Lots of hugs and love to you sweet girl. Laura xxx

  4. Hugs to you Nellie. These photos are so clear and lovely. Take care.

  5. Just know you have been in my thoughts and prayers! Good to have you back!!

    Northern Light

  6. Oh Nellie. My heart really goes out to you. Take care. xx

  7. Anonymous26 May, 2011

    Hi sweet girl,
    I have had you and your family on my mind and in my prayers constantly. I have been wanting to e-mail you but I wanted to give you some time. Please take care of yourself and know that we are here for you!

  8. Nellie my darling friend, I am still praying for you every single day. I'm so glad to see all the flowers and love that has/is being poured out for you guys. And hearing your bravery and positivity is an amazing inspiration to me. Take your time getting back into everything and know I'm always here if you need to chat. Big hugs and love to you,

  9. Dear Nellie, good to hear you are taking your time to heal slowly and process all that you have been through. I have been thinking of you so much lately and sending big comforting hugs your way. Much love, Amanda x

  10. Nellie, I was so happy to see your thumbnail at the top of my blogroll because I knew that meant you are working through this and gathering your strength.

    Continued hugs and prayers while you recover further.


  11. Good to hear from you Nellie, I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. Just one day at a time they say.... Best wishes xx

  12. My thoughts and prayers are still with you Nellie. Nice to know you have been able to rest and take your time to heal. Take care of you.
    Rebecca xo

  13. I'm so glad you are starting to feel a little stronger. You take care. Sending hugs xx

  14. Nellie I am so very sorry about for the loss you had to experience, my heart goes to you, your husband and son I wish that this didn't happen to you. I'm glad to hear that you have had some time alone to heal and that you are working through your grief. Your are in my thoughts lovely, take care and I hope you keep on feeling that little bit better each day. Hugs Catherine xo

  15. I missed your previous post. I am so very sorry for your loss. I wish I had magic words for you all...

  16. Sigh!! It's been to long for my visits, the last was happy news of a life you will bring into the world and the joy that went along with it. Now to read the sad out come is unbearable, a connection I have with you and know so well, having loss 2 babies before the birth of my daughter was more then any one should go thorugh!

    I am so sorry that you had to go through this, and happy that you had the time you did with your son, I am happy to hear that you are walking softly back into life! finding the joy you once knew!

    Nellie many prayers to you and yours, may our almighty Lord bless you will all that he sees you need.

    Praying for comfort you need, and extra ones just because.

  17. Such a beautiful post Nellie darling. And thank you for your email. I've ordered a little something for you and I'll send it on it's way when it arrives. Let us know when you're back at work. I hope that work and the people there are also some kind of 'anchor' for you. They were for me during traumatic times. Lots of love to you and your family..Rachaelxxx

  18. Dear Sweet Nellie,

    I have been thinking of you and how you are going. I am so glad to read this post and so glad that you are on the long road toward healing from this sad, sad loss. Try and take extra care of yourself as you continue to heal and get stronger each day.
    Thinking of you.
    Donna xx