Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Toy

My wonderful husband found me a software package that was easy to play with and rearrange my photos so I could create images like the one below. I tried to play around on his photo editing software program but it was way to complicated for me, so the lovely man that he is, my Husband went and found something easier for me to use. Look out for more photo creations in the future.
Here are some kitchen photos from my files that I really like. Enjoy.....
I love the wooden benchtop on the island bench in the photo above. We are hoping to redo our benchtops in a similar finish. One day.....
I really liked the idea of a bookshelf in the corner of the kitchen, a great place to store cook books and display your gorgeous kitchen accessories. I also like the mismatched kitchen furniture it has lots of character.
Love the benchtop, love the arched window, love the sink and tapware and love the scales. I really like the aged finish on the island bench, it looks like it could be a side table or buffet used as a bench. Great idea.

Wow, I would love to have my pantry looking like this. Unfortuantely it doesn't.

Compilation Photo: McCarthy Designs

Kitchen photo source : unknown

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