Friday, June 19, 2009

More Before and After

The paint job was so bad, on this wall the previous owners must have had a entertainment unit sitting against the wall and when they painted the skirting board they have painted up to a point on either side and left what they couldn't reach....

The pretty new wall with a proper paint job. It took me weeks/months to convince my husband that a photo wall would look good. He still likes to tease me about my need to cover every inch of wall space with stuff. He often looks up at the ceiling and wonders out loud how long it will be before I start putting things up there.

When we bought our house there were a few feature walls and one feature room that had been painted using a suede effect. While I have always liked the effect I didn't realise what a pain it was to remove when you wanted a change. The suede effect paint has a textured finish that requires sanding before you can repaint. Well that was fun, particularly in the 'blue room', every wall was painted in the suede paint and we had to sand it all and the undercoat the room as it was such a dark colour. What a mess, I had blue stuff coming out of my nose when I blew it. Yuck! Yes in the last photo I am vacuuming the wall....
Photos: McCarthy Designs

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