Friday, June 12, 2009


Everyone has a different way to relax. I am always drawn to bathrooms, I love bathrooms with a high tonal value, they look fresh and calm. I love bathrooms that have a beautiful view along with a deep bath. My favourite escape from our busy life is to have a bath. The main point of my baths are not to freshen up or wash my grubby body but it is to relax. It is not uncommon for me to have a quick shower prior to getting in my bath and putting the massage mat on. I like to take a glass of wine, my newest magazine or a good book and I will happily stay in the bath for at least an hour. While I'm there I may put a face mask on and a hair treatment, if I am feeling particularly decadent I'll do a body scrub in the shower first and then soak in some lovely bath oil or I'll use a bath bomb. Ooooh, I must admit I really enjoy getting away for a little while and just relaxing. How do you relax?
I'm sorry I don't know where I got these photos from, they were in my inspirations folder. If anyone does know please tell me.

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