Friday, June 26, 2009

Bargain Hunting

I am extremely fortunate that I work a nine day fortnight and today just happened to be my day off. Usually I spend the day cleaning and cooking and other housewifely and motherly things but today I went shopping. I confess I love .... I mean LOVE a bargain. I really dislike paying full price for things. I really enjoy getting a bargain and that was what I was aiming for today, so I went and visited the used goods shops and I am pleased to say that I had found some good buys. I did find other items that I really liked but that I felt were over priced for the amount of work that would be required to make them usable. So without futher ado ........ (drum roll please) my purchases for today are:
First stop total spent $3.50. I have plans for these lovely items, look out for them in the future.
Here I scored this gorgeous pair of pewter mini jugs/urns along with a cute pedestal, pretty glass, book to read and some crafty stuff, all for the bargain price of ...... $8.50.
This store ended up being a trip down memory lane. I found this set of 'Bible Friends' books that we had at home when we were growing up and I have many memories that these books are part of. Actually we probably still have them at mum's house however these were in great condition and I couldn't resist grabbing them for myself. You'll notice there is also another book for reading. I just realised that it may sound like I have lots of time for reading and unfortunately that is not the case. I love to read but I must confess I am lucky to be able to read 4 novels a year, Usually I get to read when we go away for a holiday, otherwise my latest bedside book has been ongoing for 4 months now. I think I only have about 10 pages to go, Yay! I might finish it in the next few weeks.
Ok, this last lot was not from a used goods store however they were a bargain. A local store, ECJ's (located at 331 Lords Place) is closing down and they have a huge sale at the moment with at least 50% off and picked up these goodies all at 50% off or more. Of course I needed none of it but at the same time I couldn't do without it, after all it was on sale and I was saving money. 4 items and $44 later, I head for home, happy and ready to find a new home for each item. I will post more over the next week.
photos: McCarthy Designs

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