Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I am quite embarrassed to admit that a whole school term has gone by and I still haven't finished sharing my projects that I tackled last school holidays!

If you missed it you can read about it here.

One of my goals was to paint a chalkboard wall and after lots of pleading with hubby he finally agreed so before he could change his mind I got to it.

For this chalkboard project I ended up using a mini roller with an enamal based paint so it was a bit smelly and took a couple of days to finish

But it was worth it! I love it.

Hubby still needed convincing.

What do you think? Do you have a chalkboard wall?

If you love chalkboards as much as I do then come back on Friday, I have a special guest post all about kitchen chalkboards.

On another note has anyone had any experience on painting driveways? We are thinking of painting ours so I would love your feedback on it.



  1. Love it hun! Looks fantastic and I love the big writing on it. It's a nice little wall for a chalk board. I've got chalkboard paint but I haven't done too much with it, but we're getting Will a cubby house (arrives on Fri) so I'm thinking I'll do a chalk board wall in there.
    I haven't had any exp in painting driveways but we've painted our concrete front steps (don't know if it's the same product) but it worked well and the concrete paint is very forgiving.
    I hope all is well :)

  2. Hi Nellie. Your chalkboard wall looks fabulous!! Well done you:) We have a chalkboard wall in our kitchen and we use it all the time. Lottie loves to draw and write her letters while I cook. We have had ours for 2 years and it is only now starting to look like it needs a new topcoat. Enjoy your wall!! I have not painted driveways or concrete before, but hope someone can give you some hints! Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week ~ xx

  3. I want to do a chalkboard door in the kitchen however, I have lacked in the convincing area.

    As for driveway painting concrete is usually tinted when it's poured isn't it? We have blacktop, we did some of the nasty gooey refin stuff it looks pretty good.

  4. Love your chalkboardwall Nellie!!! It looks great and I think you've chosen a really good spot for it. I've always wanted to put one behind our kitchen door, I think I'll need to convince hubby though as I'm not sure if he'll be as keen as me. Seeing yours definitely makes me want to give it a go though. No advice for driveway painting sorry. Enjoy your day xx

  5. Nellie, your wall is sensational! Youngest girl wanted one in her room but I couldn't convince hubby. Anyhow I don't know anything about driveway painting but I'm sure there is a suitable product out there somewhere.. Good luck ~X

  6. Hi nellie, I love your chalkboard wall; I am sure your hubby will get used to it!! I have used driveway or paving paint, but not on the actual driveway before... I find the darker the colour the better and had to retouch at times a few months down the track... tricky thing... Not sure if this comment will work as i am having troubles posting them... some go through; some dont!!! not sure why!
    hope this one does!!
    hugs and love, laura xxx

  7. love the blackboard......its one thing i miss from our house we sold smooch lisa xx
    it looks great

  8. Absolutely love it..and Im sure hubby will be converted sooner or later when he has to use it one day. You did an amazing job lovely..well done! The options are endless aren't they with how and where you can use chalkboard paint..I think its the best invention ever! ; ) x

  9. I love your chalkboard wall Nellie:) I think they are so much fun to have, I can imagine if I had one their would be lots messages being written by the girls. xo