Friday, October 7, 2011

Guest Post from Arcadian Lighting

Hi there! I'm Jenn and I write for Arcadian Lighting, which is an e-commerce website that specializes in top lighting ideas and trends from around the world. From the time I was little I have loved everything about home decor and details like lighting fixtures, and now I get to write about it full-time! I love great design websites created by experts, and one of my faves is the blog of McCarthy Designs - Nellie always presents fabulous and inspiring ideas, and I'm honoured to be guest posting here today. Thank you Nellie!

One of the best places for chalkboards is in the kitchen - now the family-friendly hub of a home, the kitchen is where all of the action is, and chalkboards are a fun way to keep lists, track appointments and social engagements, and to just let the members of the household get creative. Placed under a
light fixture, on a door, or across the wall, these eight rooms feature chalkboards in the kitchen and are terrific examples of how useful it can be to have this classroom fixture at home.

1 Chalkboards on a door

Kitchen Chalkboard

The chalkboard on this pantry is a handy place to jot down phone numbers or missed-call messages. It's more subtle when placed discretely on a door.

2 Chalkboards over the stove

Kitchen Chalkboard

Practically built into the cabinetry, this black chalkboard looks great amongst the crisp white cupboards. It would be an ideal place to write out a favourite recipe.

3 Chalkboard refrigerator

Kitchen Chalkboard

What a one-of-a-kind idea: chalkboard doors on a fridge! Let little ones leave some artwork or easily keep track of what groceries need to be purchased.

4 Chalkboard accent wall
Kitchen Chalkboard

The chalkboard wall in this kitchen is a really fun addition. The island and hanging ceiling lights as well as the wide galley configuration makes this the perfect family space.

5 Chalkboards over a hutch
Kitchen Chalkboard

A chalkboard over a wall-bound piece of furniture makes for whimsical wall art. In this room, a quote is sketched onto a chalkboard over a buffet, while the clear pendant lights add both mood and function.

6 Chalkboards on a working wall

Kitchen Chalkboard

Frying pans that are hung up are only somewhat appealing, but here, with a chalkboard backdrop, it becomes an interesting focal point of the kitchen.

7 Chalkboards on a dining wall
Kitchen Chalkboard

Diners, both young and old, will love seeing the day's menu on a chalkboard wall over an informal dining room. The old-school wood chairs also lend a distinct classroom feel to the space.

8 Chalkboards as an organizer
Kitchen Chalkboard

This casual eating area is all about utility - the chalkboard helps track social engagements and reminders, and the stainless steel details like the ceiling light and dishware are chic industrial touches.

Kitchen lighting on your mind? Make sure to check
Arcadian Lighting for more creative ideas!

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  1. Hi Jenn. So many fabulous chalkboard walls! I love ours in the kitchen and after seeing all these wonderful pics, I think I might paint the bottom inside panels of our front door. I am always sticking post-it-notes to the door if I have to run out and the older girls are still the chalkboard panel idea much better:) Thanks for sharing such great inspiration pics:) Am off to follow your link to have a look at your lighting ideas. Happy weekend to you both Jenn and Nellie ~ xx