Friday, October 14, 2011

Authentic Friends

I love spending time reading through my favourite blogs.

I have made so many wonderful friends through blogging that I feel like I am out of touch when life gets busy and I don't get to catch up with you all.

Friendships are so important in life,

having people to share your news with

whether it is good news or bad.

Friends care about you,

they listen when you need to talk

and they talk when you need advice.

Authentic fellowship is not

superficial, surface-level chit-chat.

It’s genuine, heart-to-heart, sometimes

gut-level, sharing.


It happens when people get honest about

who they are and what is happening in

their lives. They share their hurts,

reveal their feelings, confess their

failures, disclose their doubts, admit

their fears, acknowledge their

weaknesses, and ask for help and   
by Rick Warren

Thank you my friends,

thanks for your prayers,

your advice,

your hugs,

 your kind words

for listening and encouraging

You make life better.



  1. Hi Nellie,
    What a beautiful heartfelt post!!! And all of those yummies have me drooling over my computer!! :)
    I hope your doing well and have a glorious weekend.

  2. What a beautiful post Nellie - lovely words and gorgeous photos. I too feel blessed to have met so many special friends through blogging. Wishing you a great weekend x

  3. Beautiful post Nellie, I love reading your blog... so many gorgeous people who I feel I can really be express myself too...that's how I feel about blog land..thanks for your friendship xxx

  4. gorgeous post miss Nellie...i've been blogging for almost 2 years now and i can say i never thought in a millions years that i would connect with so many friends including yourself here...thanks for a beautiful friendship, take-care and have a lovely weekend:) xx

  5. Would beautiful words, Nellie. And how I wish I could be eating all those lovely goodies on that table!! xx

  6. This was very timely. I was just discussing with my husband how a certain family member;s other half never shares anything about themself that is above the superficial. I feel like I don't know them at all.

    Great post.

  7. great words and so so true, what book by rick warren????? and i have to say nellie i really enjoyed the photos too, it's like you take us on a little journey with the photos and the words in between, smooch to you lisa xx

  8. What a lovely post. Very thoughtful, great photos too.

  9. youre so sweet nellie. I am so glad to have found you through the bloggy world, you are a truly authentically, beautiful person. I hope your family know how special you are!! Hope everything is going well with everything for you, I do feel so for you when i hear of other bloggers who are getting pregnant etc... it must be really difficult. Keeping you in my prayers xx laura xxx

  10. We are destined to be best-est friends forever.., You know why? I spy some......white chocolate covered raspberry bullets!!!!! My favourite. What excellent taste you have...