Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Handmade gifts & cards

It has been a while since I last stopped in and I feel like I am always making excuses for my absence.

I am still alive, nothing new or exciting happening, just life.

I bought some gifts a while ago from Madeit and I was really impressed with them so I just had to share.

Both gifts were for my lovely Sisters in Law
My first purchase was from Bagdebliss and as usual I was a bit late to organise a gift so I arranged for the gift to be delivered directly to my Sister in Law. 

My SIL loved her gift and look at the lovely invoice that I received along with a bonus badge just for me!

The next gift was for my other SIL.

I found this beautiful beanie and apron from MirandasCreations

Both buys were the best value and the quality was excellent.


I often forget to check out Madeit and Etsy for gifts but it is definately worth it.

Unique hand made items make a really special gift.


I even managed to make a special card to go with the gift.


I  really enjoy making cards but only when I have the time, not when I am in a rush.


Is it terrible to admit that I recycled the paper from a gift someone gave to me.

It was just so pretty that I wanted to use it again.



  1. lovely gorgeous gifts nellie!! i dont think it s a problem to use paper from a pressie, its just so lovely! i love the print! Hope you are doing well lovely lady!! hugs from laura xxx

  2. I don't use madeit but love Etsy, though am never organized enough to think of it for pressies. Gorgeous choices here and how pretty is the card you made. I think it's a nice idea to reuse the pretty paper.
    Hope you are well xx

  3. What beautiful gifts. I love that beanie so will have to check out that store. Your accompanying card is so pretty. I know what you mean about enjoying crafty activities when you have time, I hate feeling as though I'm rushing something x

  4. Nellie you did a wonderful job with that card and I love how the card matches the present too, it all looks so pretty. I sometimes forget to look on madeit for gifts, I usually try and make mine as much as I can but if not we have some local shops here that sell a lot of handmade gifts so I try and go there and buy some. That pink beanie is so sweet, I bet your SIL loved receiving it. xo

  5. I have used Etsy but never thought about it for gifts~ don't know why I haven't? Love the card you made it looks so gorgeous with the present..very special X