Friday, July 9, 2010

What a young wife ought to know.

Ok, so I may not be that young anymore but the title of this book intrigued me
I couldn't find a publication date but the last copyright listed was 1902.
Who wouldn't read further after this dedication
The chapter titles are so quaint
Did you know there were such things as the evils of dress?
I love the feel of this book and the age and I love thinking about the young ladies who would have read this book in preparation for their marriage and I imagine what they must have been feeling.
I decided to use my new book in a coffee table vignette.
I used pages from an old bible I bought from the Op shop because of its colour and the texture of the cover. The pages in the bible were falling out and perfect to use for my display. I rolled the pages up and tied them with ribbon or string to create my bowl of wisdom.
I can't remember where I saw the idea but I loved it, so if this is your idea, thank you.
I used the bible, the adorable book of knowledge for young wives and my gorgeous cloche and stand that my WH bought me for my last birthday to make a display of some of my favourite things.
Have a great weekend everyone!
I am linking up to Jessica's Favourite things Friday, pop over and have a look. Great weekend reading!


  1. Hi nellie, that is hilarious!!! its funny cause my mother in law still believes in those old fashioned principles!!!! Love your tablescape, wht a gorgeous idea with the rolled pages, i love that. happy friday to you
    laura xxxx

  2. I really love what you've done with the old bible. Love it! It makes such a terrific display....and the Young Wives book, a classic. Thanks for sharing

  3. Neat display and the book,is so unique,thanks for sharing

  4. You are a very clever thing...that tablescaping looks great. I love the rolled up pages and would just die to get my hands on that book. I can smell it's old pages from here. Have a wonderful weekend Nellie.

  5. loving your display it looks beautiful,the rolled up pages are so clever and the setting
    looks beautiful and that book is a classic...
    p.s let me know when its safe to post the pictures i did for your giveaway... have a great weekend Nellie XXX

  6. I love your rolled up pages of the Bible in the jar, it looks beautiful, what a great idea!! And that book would be so funny to read, love it. thanks for sharing Nellie, have a great day!

  7. Oh that book is just gorgeous! You could just imagine our great grandmothers following it's advice! Oh my I am drooling over your gorgeous cloche! Delightful! And your coffee table vignette is beautiful. Wishing you a wonderful weekend Nellie....
    Christine x

  8. Anonymous09 July, 2010

    Hi Nellie,
    That book is so great!! I love your coffee table vignette, it looks just wonderful, you did a really great job. I love using vintage books around the house for display too, it makes the house feel so lived in and warm.
    Have a lovely day Nellie.

  9. What a fun book to find Nellie, my how times have changed!!! I love your display, very creative!!! P.S Your new vanity looks great!!

  10. Aren't books like that an interesting read. Some advice is still valid and some is just too funny.

  11. Oh my goodness, that book is fabulous Nellie! i also love your tablescape, it looks beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  12. What a find! And you have created the perfect home for it.

    Have a lovely weekend, Nellie!

  13. Hi Nellie, oh what a laugh you must have had reading through that book. I also love that you have made a 'bowl of wisdom' out of the bible. Your vignette looks very stylish. Have a great weekend!

  14. Hi Nellie. I love reading funny old books like that. My Mum has a little collection we read and laugh at every now and again. I recently bought one for my girlfriend as a wedding gift and she thought it was the funniest thing ever! One of my Mum's best is from the 1950's - not too much had changed since your early 1900's one!

  15. Hi Nellie,
    What a treasure that book is! Can you just imagine the thoughts in the minds of the young women who read this a long time ago. You must keep this book it's a fantastic insight into mindsets of another time. I love the idea of your bowl of wisdom too.
    Have a great weekend.

  16. What a fantastic find and an interesting read I can imagine. I found some little books like that at the State Library book shop the other day both for husbands and wives which my hubby had a giggle at. Your table arrangement looks lovely.

    Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  17. What a funny read that must be :) I love your table display with the old pages.

  18. Anonymous10 July, 2010

    What a classic find! A time capsule! An insight into the times and lives of our grandparents. I still can't believe that my grandmother was forced by the education department to give up her teaching career once she was married! That was until the war broke out and they needed any teachers they could find - married or not!
    A treasure to keep!
    X Briohny.

  19. What a wonderful book (you know how I feel about old books). I especially liked the section titled "The training of children" - probably went on to teach them how to be 'seen and not heard' - can you imagine those 'mothers to be' be horrified at what goes on today?! Love what you have done with the bible pages. Have a great weenkend. Michelle

  20. I really love this idea. It looks great. I really found 'what young woman ought to know' to be interesting. How things have changed...I wonder what a similar book would be about for this generation.

  21. I love books like that! I sort of collect old books, they're just so funny. I have a book that is over 150 years old called Wonders of the World about various discoveries. You wouldn't believe what's in it and how they're described! Rachaelxx

  22. love your vignette, the rolled up pages look so neat!