Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Sweet Prints - Huge Sale!!!

The lovely Janette is having a HUGE sale!
Her designs have been featured in New Idea, Shop4Kids and she has been interview on TV for her Made it store! Janette is a very talented and generous gal who is offering blog readers only a massive 40% off storewide!!!
Janette has a blog
An etsy store
and a made it store
Go and visit her at any one, or all of these places!
Hope you are having a great Tuesday!


  1. Hi Nellie, I'll go there now to check them out! The adv. already looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing her blog as well.
    Have a lovely week dear,
    hugs, Li :-)

  2. Anonymous29 June, 2010

    Hi Nellie, Janette is so talented, and we all love a sale... so cheers Mate, I'm off to have a look around! Have a great day..
    :) Flick

  3. Thank you my dear for posting about my sale!!! You are such an angel Nellie! I hope you're having a fantastic week will your Nicholas keeping you company at work.
    Thanks again,

  4. Hi nellie, How are you? I hope your week has been good so far. I am just writing cause I have your cushion ready to be posted tomorrow, BUT....
    I have been working on some new designs and I should have them ready to post on the weekend (or before).. I was just thinking that you might like one of the new ones more! so, I didnt know if you want to check them out, they are more french, vintagey whereas the others are more coastal. These are mostly just white linen with jute and some with ruffles ... I hope you dont mind waiting, maybe I am just too excited about them, I really like them you see!!! But then again; you might still prefer the first, so , I will post the new ones Asap.. I am blabbering on, sorry! Should be making dinner!!!!
    Hugs to you always,

  5. Janette is a very clever lady, I love her work!!!
    have a great day!!

  6. Just bought something today..FINALLY! Her prints are so beautiful..

  7. Hi Nellie,
    Thank you for your always great comments on my blog!!
    ...I went to go find your blog, and you were not on my blog roll.... OMG!
    Well, you are now!!
    Again, tx, have a wonderful day, always great to hear from you!!

    Northern Light

  8. Hi Nellie, I'm going to see her blog and shop of course. Lovely prints are never enough, I collect them for my house xx