Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lilys and a Bus Roll Roll

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I love my husband
He is so thoughtful and caring and he likes to make me happy!
Last Friday he bought me flowers and the new Michael Buble CD just because.......
In New Zealand at the Red Beret Cafe in Motueka I bought this Bus Roll Tea towel
We visited a few of the towns that are listed
Unfortunately we didn't get to them all
but I still thought it would make a great souvenir that was easy to pack
I wasn't sure what to do with it when I got home
but then I had an idea
so on my day off I experimented with my sewing machine and some left over canvas
and made a bus roll roll.
I love lilys
These last photos were taken tonight
Most of the lilys have opened up and will last for another week or more if I am lucky!


  1. Oh, lovely! I am crazy about bus rolls, they're my new favorite thing! And a pillow, wow, cool idea! Gorgeous lilies, you're a lucky lady! XO!

  2. Now that is a great idea and way to use a souvenier in a practical way. Love it!

  3. I love lilys too..they're so pretty (even though they can stain)lol

    Gemma X

  4. such beautiful lilies!!

  5. Hey Nellie,
    what a great idea - the first time I've seen one made into a cushion. It looks great and a constant reminder of a fantastic holiday.
    I love Lilies too - my favourite flower (and my favourite name for a little girl too!!)
    ~Sam x

  6. What a sweet husband! Those flowers are beautiful! And the bus roll is such a fun keepsake...and I love what you did with it! :)

  7. how a kiwi girl and would you believe i hadn't visited the south island until 2008 and it was you know if you can order the tea towel on line anywhere would make a great gift for my sister who lives in wanaka???? thanks for sharing your great ideas also

  8. I love lillies too, you are a lucky lady receiving such pretty flowers! How clever is your buss roll roll? Ingenious!!

  9. Your lilies are just beautiful Nellie! I love your busroll, what a fabulous way to use your souvenir and it looks fabulous! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  10. i love lilies too they are the only flowers that make me happy ,love the smell of fresh lilies in my home. the bus roll looks great what a great idea miss Nellie XXX

  11. Beautiful lilies - well done hubby! I really love what you've done with your tea towel - looks great as a busroll bolster cushion and so nice that it has placed you've visited as a reminder of your NZ trip. Hope you have a lovely weekend Nellie xx

  12. I love your busroll roll and I don't think I've seen one used like that before so 12 outta 10 for dreativity and gorgeousness!

  13. Hey, How pretty are those flowers!
    So nice when the husbands think of something so small, but that makes us so HAPPY!!!!

    have a great weekend,
    northern Light

  14. What a great looks lovely on your couch ..I love bus rolls..

    enjoy your weekend..

    Louise @ Illume Design Invites

  15. Oh! I love the bus roll roll ♥ I did a post awhile back on using bus scrolls as art. I think they are so wonderful.

    You have a real sweetie of a hubby too :D

    Stop by, we're having a giveaway!
    Jane T.

  16. The flowers are beautiful. You must be very talented to make your busroll thingy. I can't even sew on a button. Have a great weekend!!

    From the 3 sisters 365,
    Natasha, Stacey and Holly

  17. What a great idea. I have framed my local busroll for now. Later I might have to try the McCarthy bus roll roll!

  18. Just discovered your blog - will now follow! Love the bus roll cushions & they remind me of home (being a Kiwi!).

  19. I ADORE that tea towel! HOW awesome and then for you to make it into a pillow was PURE GENIOUS! YOU are bRILLIANT MY FRIEND!

  20. Hi Nellie,
    Gorgeous lillies, thoughtful husband and creative you, that's such a clever idea with the bus roll roll. Looks great and you will be constantly reminded of your amazing holiday.

  21. what fabulous flowers :) so beautiful and what a sweet hubs to get them for you!! lucky gal! xo

  22. Anonymous05 June, 2010

    What beautiful flowers your husband got you, and how sweet of him!!
    What a great idea for the bolster pillow...a great way to remember your fabulous trip!!
    Hugs ~ Jo

  23. Lilies are my favorite flower! How sweet your husband is for giving you flowers. I love what you did with the tea towel and I see a couple of really great pillows on the sofa.
    xo, Sherry

  24. That pillow roll is too cool, I never would've thought of it myself.
    Happy weekend to you and I love your new profile pic!

  25. Hi Nellie,
    what a thoughtful husband! Lillies are gorgeous! I just love what you have done with the bus roll; it looks fantastic!
    You already know about the award, I am loving your blog - and your new profile pic!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    laura, summerhousexx

  26. I reckon you're onto something here Nellie. The bus roll tea towel transformation is awesome - you clever thing!
    Millie ^_^

  27. What a fabulous idea, I have a bus scroll tea towel & wasn't sure what to do with, I mean seriously, you couldn't really use it for wiping the dishes, LOL, you have given me inspiration. Your lillies are lovely!!!

  28. Anonymous05 June, 2010

    Nice work Hubby! What a lovely surprise for you... the lillies are beautiful, and more Buble is always a good thing!
    Thanks for the welcome home message Nellie, it is good to be back!
    Flick :)

  29. I love that tea towel! I was born in New Zealand (Wellington) and I would absolutely love to have that in my home! Gorgeous, New Zealand is such a beautiful country.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend

    :) Hazel

  30. I love the bus roll what a clever idea. Your husband sounds like such a thoughtful man..Enjoy your weekend Kym X

  31. Nellie -

    I love your Bus Roll, roll, very quirky. I love your Lilys and the way you photograph. I also love your husband for taking such wonderfully good care of such a creative, generous woman - you.

    It is so nice to hear of people having such great loves and lovers in their life.

    The flowers that he gave you, along with the music "just because" is so romantic and uplifting.

    What a kind and respectful love.

    Tracey at Velvetine Lily x o