Thursday, June 24, 2010

Di Henshall

I recently came across this designer as I was researching and thought I would share her with you.
Di Henshall is a UK qualified Interior designer who has established her business in Noosa QLD Australia since 1988. She has won many awards particularly in bathroom and kitchen design.
What first caught my attention was the bold use of patterns in this bedroom combined with a very simple layout and bedding.
I love the Chandeliers and the mix of patterns if the wall paper and the chair upholstery. I really like how she has balanced the patterns with very unfussy furniture and table settings.
I am liking the repetition of the curve from the wall paper in the side table and of course I love the flowers.
Here are some more pictures of Di's work that caught my eye.
If you want to see more of Di's work you can visit her website here.
Have a great day!


  1. Her work is really clean and streamlined, with pops of colour and pattern. Nice! K xx

  2. oh i love her style......i love all the different fabrics......and i agree about your previous message the green tiles would have to go hehehe....have a great day xox

  3. her style is so my kinder style i love it... love the chandeliers and that lounge room with the fireplace looks gorgeous ..

    p.s i sent out your giveaway gift today hope you like it XXXX

  4. Great post and I love the work of this designer. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note on my post. Have a great week!!!

    Warm wishes

  5. Hi Nellie,
    what a great find! She is a talented lady! I hope you have a lovely day today, i sent you an email last night - I hope you get it.
    Laura xxx

  6. gorgeous post! wow.

    thank you for your comment on my barm post- glad there are other barn lovers! let's start a group -or maybe a group post. Barn Chicks?


  7. gorgeous post- wow-

    thank you for your comment on my barn post- glad there are other barn lovers! let's start a group -or maybe a group post. Barn Chicks?


  8. What a talented designer I really loved her work, Thank you for sharing this with us. I love the way some people are able to mix patterns like that & keep it looking so clean & fresh. I especially enjoyed the dining room in the second pic, I lkie the idea of a mirror wall for the chandelier to glisten off. Thanks Nellie

  9. Hi Nellie. These pics are gorgeous! I love the ones with dark brown couches, as I really don't like ours. Thanks so much for sharing her beautiful work with us. Hope you are having a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

  10. Hiya Nellie....!

    THANKS so much for sharing Di Henshall's talents with us....I'm LOVING the bold graphics & simple lines & ESPECIALLY enjoyed the use of deco pieces used like the side tables & the 2 x drawer foyer table....At least they LOOK like original deco pieces.....hmmmmmmmm....A VERY striking asthetic....!!

    Cheers from Melbourne,
    Tamarah :o)

  11. Some beautiful pictures Nellie:) I really love the use of the wall paper and the pattern in the first picture, flourishes are one of my favourite patterns. Thanks for sharing Di's work with us. xo

  12. Lots of shapes and lines in her work, really interesting interiors you could just stare at and breakdown hey! Thanks so much for sharing Nellie,

  13. Gorgeous rooms, my fav is the one with white sofa's and the chocolate brown shag!!!

  14. Love these rooms...lots of strong lines and very contemporary.

    Also love the application you mention in a previous post where you get to paint. What a fantastic tool so thank you for letting us know :)

  15. I love her natural elements with pops of white! I am digging the contemporary nature of her style!

  16. Beautiful! I LOVE the 6th to last picture. The colors are perfect and the stripes with the prints...sigh.

  17. Hi Nellie,
    So nice to see you again!!

    Thank you so much for your sincere comment, you are the bomb!

    I love your post, Super talented designer.. . love love the kitchen with Calcutta marble! OMG
    Thanks for sharing. . .


  18. Not my style too modern and neat! but amazing!
    Thanks for sharing...Hope you are doing ok..your comments are always so nice!

  19. Nellie -

    You have been a busy girl! I loved perusing your fav designers and blog give aways x o

    Tracey at Velvetine Lily

  20. Hi Nellie, thanks for sharing. I have seen her work before and it is fabulous!! Love the screen in the last image. Have a good weekend. Michelle

  21. Some pretty amazing designs, love the use of curves throughout the home.

  22. Wow that is bold decorating! Thanks for your visit Nellie, I haven't received the print yet but am watching the mail and will let you know as soon as it arrives! Can't wait....

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  24. Hi dear Nellie! I'm in love with the second bathroom! It's not my style (too modern) but that fantastic tub under that giant window is just incredible!!!

    Have a nice week end!!

  25. Wow Nellie, she has an amazing style! Love it and thanks for sharing!
    Hope you are having a lovely Fall!
    Hugs, Li :-)

  26. Hi Nellie,
    Her style is very chic. All of the photos are just divine and quite glam.
    Thanks for introducing her to us.
    Have a great weekend.
    Donna xx

  27. Hi Nellie
    Thanks for dropping by. I will be sure to check back and visit your lovely blog again.

  28. Love her style,

    It is very much Australian styling, love the mix of fabrics and patterns. Love the kitchen designs... so clean and vibrant looking.

    And most of all I love the fact that she is only just up the road in Noosa!!

    :) Hazel