Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nicholas 13th Birthday Inspiration

My big boy turns 13 in just over a week. It is amazing how time flies and last week I finally ordered all of the supplies and am getting organised for his party.

He seems to be quite excited about it and I thought I would share my inspiration pics with you all.

All images can be found on my pinterest board and from there you should hopefully be able to trace the original source.

Hope you are all having a great week 

and any tips on keeping a dozen teenage boys manageable would be appreciated :-)



  1. I love your inspiration Nellie! Looks like it will be a wonderful part for Nicholas.

  2. Happy Birthday to your Nicholas for next week! My Nicholas turns 7 on the 20th! xx

  3. Oh he'll have a wonderful birthday. I have found my 13 year old daughter is still going to 13 year old boys' parties at laser tag places, not home, so i don't have any tips for you. I will be throwing my son's birthday at home though, i don't like out sourcing. Have a blast. Love Posie

  4. Arghhhh 13 yr boys.....No there not that bad, I find boys parties so much easier than girls. Because we live out of town my boys had camping parties where they all camped out the night....Good luck with the party...

  5. I hope Nicholas has had a fantastic 13th birthday. Those ideas look great, I love the inspiration you can get off pinterest. x