Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Babies & Prams - help needed

I am asking for advice from all of my knowledgeable friends out there.

Now that we are in the second half of this pregnancy we are starting to think about what we will need for bub. At the moment I am really focused on getting a pram/stroller that I am happy with. 

I have a few requirements and I think that in order to get something I am happy with I am willing to invest a bit more in it.

My requirements are:

Lightweight - I found when I had Nicholas (years ago) that even a few kilos makes a big difference and I ditched the bulky pram early on in favour of a better quality stroller that had a lay back options and higher handles.

Ability to add a toddler seat

Suitable from birth to toddler

Compact - I don't want anything too wide or bulky, when we go away I don't want the pram taking up a third of the space we have

All terrain - I want to be able to go for walks easily and not battle with gutters or dirt tracks

I think that's about it, I would love to hear your recommendations and opinions on prams/strollers that you own or have used. Please spill all, the good and the bad I am finding it all a little confusing.

The steelcraft strider seems to be very popular but also very wide and perhaps a little bulky

Steelcraft have just released a compact version of the Strider that sounds better, narrower and lighter

Phil & Ted have a few from their range that seem to fit my requirements

Please help??? What do you think?

Photos from Steelcraft and Phil & Ted's websites


  1. Oooo! Exciting Nellie! Ok here are my two recommendations. We had the Bugaboo Bee when I had Will. It's lightweight, easy to use, small bit sturdy, narrow for shopping etc and goes from birth (can face u, recline right back to face out etc). But it's not all terrain and no extra seat. So this time around we've got the Baby Jogger City Select pram with all the attachments possible :) I can put the capsule on it, the bassinet, the extra seat for Will, it can be put into so many combinations. U can run with it too and is great over all surfaces except sand. The base is one part then the seat/s is another so it's not too heavy. It's a bit bulky but u can take the back wheels off for when u have to pack to go away (they r easy to take on and off).

    So I love both prams for their two diff reasons but the city select is just so flexible and the best pram for two kids. My BFF and I did lots of research and shipped ours over from the US which saved us a few hundred.

    Let me know if u have any questions about either of them.
    Let us know what u end up getting.

  2. Hi Nellie, such a big decision isn't it? So many choices out there! We have the Urban Mountain buggy from about 5 years ago, although I think they do the same model now just called a different name. We updated it with a capsule that is used as a car seat and can be attached to the pram. Greatest invention ever as it makes transporting Noah so much easier as I don't have to wake him when I get him out of the car at school drop offs/pick ups, shops etc. It's not too wide, I can fit in and around all the shops with ease. Light and easy to get in and out of the car.Not sure if you can attach a toddler seat though as I didn't need this option. Hope this helps a bit xx

  3. We started with a BeemaQ, then moved to a Phil and Teds which I love! Still use it as a farm pram, but now have a steel craft umbrella fold stroller, a lot more compact in the car, but it only takes one. So sometimes we do still take the Phil and teds out when there's lots of walking involved. Good Luck, it's a big decision especially when there's so many out there!

  4. I had a strider but soon ditched it because it was too wide and the toddler couldn't sleep in it. the toddler seat was on top and his feet also kicked the baby - he was only 21 months old. I think I would buy a Phil and ted now if I was buying again! Although there is a lot of choice out there now! Good luck

  5. I have the baby jogger city mini and I love it. It does not have the toddler attachment but the baby jogger city elite does. I can't recommend baby jogger enough!!!

  6. hi
    I've just stumbled upon your wonderful page after searching for Kenwood vs kitchen aid (would love to know which one you chose).
    anyway i have a 3 year old and 6 month old i decided on the mountain buggy duet, its the narrowest side by side on the market even smaller than strider. it steers beautifully even with considerable weight difference between my girls.
    For me a toddler seat was not an option as i walk to shops and markets and require storage; most prams with toddler attachment lose underneath storage with seat on.

    1. Hi Melissa, thanks for stopping by and thank you for the advice re the pram. I am finding it is turning out to be quite a hard decision. I ended up with the Kitchen Aid and I love it. It has honestly inspired me to try more things and I have found that making pizza dough is just so easy. When hubby bought it he signed me up for a free class with a kitchen aid expert, I just received the invite to that so I am looking forward to going and getting some tips on how to maximise my purchase as well as getting discounts on accessories :-)

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