Monday, March 5, 2012

Rain in Noosa

We are so fortunate that we are not affected by flooding where we live but I am so sick of the wet weather.

We don't live in a hot climate to start with.

In Orange we are lucky to need the air conditioning for two weeks of the year but not even that this year.

In January we tried to escape to warmer parts and chose to spend a week in Noosa QLD.

It rained

The whole week

Every day

Everything was damp

It didn't stop us from swimming in the pool
or using the spa

but swimming at the beach wasn't appealing

Coral Beach Resort Noosa was nice though
very family orientated and the apartments were lovely.

We even played tennis in the rain

Anyone else sick of the wet weather?

Enjoy your week.



  1. Hi Nellie. Yes and no, but I do feel awful for those people being flooded yet again. Have a good week :)
    Cas x

  2. Nellie, I sympathise with you on your wet holiday and my thoughts go out to everyone who's being affected by the shocking floods all over the place....but me? No, not sick of the rain in Melbourne. After so many years of drought and watching our garden dry up and go all crinkly and crackly, I'm loving the rain.

  3. Nellie, its been our hottest jan. on record i think!! we may have had a little rain in a storm, but thats about it... i am loving this weather! summer is my fave time of the year, just wish it was always like this!!
    Laura xx

  4. What a bummer! It looks like a beautiful place. Weather is the one thing we can't do anything about but it's still frustrating! X

  5. Hi again Nellie :) I just wanted to let you know that I've passed on a blog award to you. Just nip over to my blog to check it out :) Have a great weekend!
    Cas x

  6. That looks like a lovely spot to stay, shame about our Qld weather not necessarily the sunny state at the moment. I hope you've been having some better weather to enjoy at your house and that work is going well. xx

  7. It looked really lovely though! Better luck next time!

    Kristin xo