Monday, February 27, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Only three weeks of work left!

I am really struggling to get through these last few weeks of being employed by the Bank. My motivation levels are low, I just don't have any incentive to be here. I want to do the right thing and leave on a positive note but gee, is it hard. Any hints or advice you can offer me would be great!

How was your weekend? We had a lovely weekend. I had an appointment in Sydney on Friday so hubby and I used this as an excuse for a weekend away.

Goodness we can eat.

It seems like whenever we go away on holidays our time revolves around meals and where we will be having them. Is anyone else like this? Unfortunately I love food and the tightness of my work skirt this morning can testify to that.

We also stopped in and checked out the Reed gifts and homewares trade fair as part of my future plans.

 I love to shop but I must admit one day was more than enough. I was all shopped out at the end and my wonderful hubby was a trooper he walked all day and never complained and was truely a big help in making decisions etc. I am so blessed to have him in my life.

Speaking of blessings my lovely husband came with a wonderful family whom I adore. It was my Mother in Laws and my Grandmother in Laws birthdays recently so we hosted a birthday lunch for them. My mother in law loves pink so to make the occasion extra special I added some pink touches around the house.

When I came in to work this morning I had a lovely email from her thanking me again for the lunch and she had attached some photos from the day. With her permission I thought I would share them with you.

There is still lots of excitement happening in my life and I am looking forward to all the new developments and changes.

Thank you to you all for your great support and encouragement, it is so wonderful to have such lovely friends.

Have a great week.


  1. Hi Nellie :) All those pink splashes look devine! You must be really excited to be nearly finished working, sorry I can't give you any advice on how to keep your motivation levels up, in fact I quit my job last week and left a burning bridge behind me! I guess just looking ahead to your future plans is the way to get through the next few weeks :) Hope you have a good day.
    Cas x

  2. Wow Nellie, you have a real flair for decorating. Your table above and its surrounds look so pretty!! Your in-laws are very lucky to have someone as lovely and thoughtful as you go to so much trouble to make such a special celebration.

    I hope these last few week of work go smoothly for you and pass quickly. I remember feeling very unmotivated before I left my last job - just keeping thinking of all your future plans andhopefully the excitement will help you get through xx

  3. Fill up your desk with some of those lovely flowers and put something inspirational about your new business in veiw, maybe even a countdown calander.
    Can't wait to hear what you have planned.

  4. Love the splashes of pink Nellie, everything looks gorgeous! We are like that too re eating and holidays, it's all part of the fun! xx

  5. the setting looks beautiful.....and yup i love the food and love finding new places to eat........and gift fairs fun fun smooch to you nellie lisa xx

  6. I'm always obsessed by thoughts of my next meal, especially on holidays when I always order too many bar snacks!
    I have no advice for keeping motivated at work, though it must be nice to see a finish ahead of you. I look foreward to hearing about your future plans :)

  7. Nellie it all looks so lovely. Good luck with your new venture. It sounds so exciting. Hang in there for the last bit of the old job. Deb

  8. Hi nellie, its so sad that your job is about to end, but sometimes, when one door closes, another one opens.. (not always, but i kind of get the feeling that it will be for you!!!) I cant wait to hear all of your plans, i am so intrigued!
    It must be hard the last few weeks, I dont quite know what advice to give you except keep in the knowledge that things are going to get better, and you dont have much longer. When all else fails (for me) I try to think of all the people who have things so much worse. that is a sure way to feel better i find. It wont be long and before you know it youll be celebrating your final day! thinking of you as always!
    Laura xxxx

  9. Hi Nellie, I'm sad to say it's been far too long since i visited you here. I have just had a quick catch up and can see there has been and still is a lot going on in your life. I hope you have great success with your new venture. Your decorating is gorgeous. I'm glad you were able to show us some photos :)

  10. WOW Nellie, what a stylish party you set up, very pretty!! You have so much excitement in your life at the moment it would be impossible to concentrate on work. Out with the old & in with the new...Congrats & good luck!!