Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Office Spaces

Only two days to go and I will be self employed (sounds much better than unemployed)

My mind has been quite focused on starting my own business and creating a space for that at home, so when I saw the gorgeous office of Amanda Nisbett (featured in this months Lonny magazine) I couldn't help but share.

Isn't it just lovely, nothing like my current work space.

By tomorrow afternoon this work station will  be devoid of any personal belongings and there will be no trace left of me.

It is a little sad:-(

But also very exciting.

I am most looking forward to throwing away all of the training manuals and the folders of very boring procedural guides.

This is will be my way of finalising it......

my career in banking is over (for now anyway).

When you have left one job to start another (or to not start another) what did you do for "closure" ?



  1. Hi Nellie :)
    Those two workspaces are so very different....I know which one I'd prefer! I think closure comes when you throw yourself wholeheartedly into your next venture...and creating a new workspace is certainly a good way to start :)
    Cas x

  2. That is a beautiful work space, (first one), you will feel fabulous, maybe start doing a mood/story board for your new office. Something nice and pretty to focus on.x

  3. Onwards and upwards darling...good on you...I have a friend in banking who is at the same cross roads..she is utterly bored with banking and is such a creative soul like yourself. Change is good...all the best with your next new venture lovely x

  4. Oh wow, a girl could be very creative in that first workspace. I think the best closure is to pack everything up, walk around the office say goodbye to everyone, double check and then hightail it out of there!
    Best of luck for your ending and new beginning.

  5. Good luck with your new plan! It will be good! I LOVE THAT WORKSPACE also. Just gorgeous! If you take a look at my blog today you will see my work space :) Just posted it.

    Hope your day is lovely!