Friday, November 4, 2011

Mount Ashby Wines

I am so organised this week ; -) 

two posts in a row!!!!

While we were away for the weekend in the 
Southern Highlands we also visited Mount Ashby Wines

I am so glad that we made the time to visit, 
the cellar door and restaurant is gorgeous

Hubby and I would love to build our dream house in a similar style

We were able to speak to the owner about the building and get his recommendations as well as the name of his builder, he told us that really, 
it was all his wife's achievement.

His wife is Sally Beresford and her website is here
She was the driving force behind the building and 
it was her design that we were admiring.

In this cute shed off to the side of the cellar door are so many gorgeous antiques just waiting to be bought

I just looooove Sally's style but unfortunately 
I did not bring home any of her gorgeous wares

I love visiting the Southern Highlands
There are so many beautiful things to look at and enjoy
I still have more to share so hopefully next week, 
but we'll see how I go
We have a wedding on the south coast, 
we are getting new flooring through the whole house, 
I am hosting a Murder Mystery Party, 
work is so busy that I need to be in the office an extra day and we have the first of our Christmas parties ......

The coming week will be a bit busy but I will try

No promises though


PS. do you feel like Christmas starts earlier every year? 
Not that I am complaining, I love Christmas time.


  1. I love the look of those lovely antiques....wouldn;t mind that round metal table ....

  2. So many gorgeous treasures Nellie, and the style of the winery is just gorgeous... my husband and i would love something similar.. in france or spain maybe one day!!
    Laura xxx

  3. funny i thought the same thing when i read your post.....sheeshhh christmas sneeks up so fast, love all your images and what great style she has xx

  4. What a lovely winery you visited! So many gorgeous pieces of furniture and as you said, a really beautiful decorating style. It sounds like you are super busy at the moment - the murder mystery party sounds fun, be sure to share!! I haven't even started thinking about Christmas but realise I'll have to get onto things soon asit's creeping up very quickly indeed. Have a fun time at the wedding on the weekend x

  5. Every year christmas comes around much quicker than it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful looks like you had a wonderful time. now I just need to show Mr K.. X