Thursday, November 3, 2011

Centennial Vineyards

My wonderful Husband and I

enjoyed a weekend away in the Southern Highlands

We had a lovely time,

I always enjoy being with him.

He is my best friend


We had a leisurely lunch at Centennial Vineyard

It is a beautiful spot

I can see why it is a popular spot for weddings

I hope to share some more of our favourite spots with you soon.

We are now trying to work out how to make oodles of money so we can buy a nice size block, preferably near Exeter and build our dream house.

Where would you build/buy your dream house?



  1. OOOh, I am not sure nellie, i do love living where i am; it suits my lifestyle and my friends are here... that being said, imagine a dream home in the bahamas!!! a holiday home!! i shall have to just keep dreaming!! it does look amazing where you went in the photos... the architecture and the gardens are so pretty; it would be a stunning setting for a wedding!!
    have a wonderful day!
    laura xx

  2. A lovely place Nellie. I have pinned a picture of the outdoor fireplace. It is lovely. Glad you had a good time. deb

  3. what a fantastic place to visit and stay at- you certainly are blessed with your love too,,,


  4. What a great place that is. I would want to visit often and just roam around.