Friday, November 18, 2011

Berkelouw Book Barn and The Gibraltar Hotel

This is my special gift from our weekend away

It has been on my wish list for a while

We bought it from the Berkelouw Book Barn in Berrima 

Unfortunately I haven't read much of it yet but I am hoping to this weekend. 

The new carpet and vinyl is in, we survived the school performance, the wedding was lovely and the Murder Mystery Party was a hit. Some photos of some or all of these may follow but no promises ;-)

While we away in Bowral we stayed at the Gibraltar Hotel

It was lovely and we would definitely stay there again. 

Our room had a view over the golf course

On a sad note one of my good friends from high school lost her husband to a heart attack on Tuesday night. He was 38 years young and left behind two young daughters. It was very unexpected and we are all still in shock. 

It was a tough reminder that life is short and our time here on Earth is limited, appreciate what you have every day and tell those you love how special they are to you.



  1. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend! That was too early!

    The view from your hotel room is so beautiful!

    Kristin xx

  2. Oh dear me, that's awful news. My thoughts are with your friend. 38 is way too young. Life is precious x

  3. Hi nellie, you are so right.. life is too short. even if you live for a hundred years, it still wouldnt be enough... Hope you have had some time to enjoy your book!!! It looks great, i cant wait to get a look at it!! and a book barn, how awesome is that?!! Hope you are feeling good and getting ready for a wonderful christmas with your boys! love to you,
    laura xx

  4. That's so sad Nellie I'm so sorry for your friend's loss, 38 years old is so young, too young. Life is very short and everyday is a blessing. I hope you are keeping well. xo

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