Monday, August 1, 2011

Chalk placemats

Ta da........

One of my projects while I was on holidays was to make some chalk place mats like these

So I scoured the op shops and found six of these smaller place mats for $1

Then a week later I found these slightly larger ones from another op shop in Bathurst, 17 for $6 

I had some left over water based paint that I used for the smaller place mats.

I had to buy some more paint to do the large place mats so I grabbed this one and didn't even check to see if it was water based or not. It wasn't so unfortunately it took me a bit longer to finish the larger place mats.

The small place mats were all finished in a day, I used a brush to apply two coats of paint to each one and being water based I only had to wait two hours in between coats.

I used a mini roller to paint the larger place mats using the lovely Tamarah's method that she so kindly shared with me. As I used an oil based paint for these I had to leave them spread out over the dining table for the weekend. You need to allow 16 hours between coats and I applied two. 

The little place mats are too small for putting under a plate so I will use them under the glasses like this 

or I can use them as signs at parties.

The larger place mats worked well and I have more than enough to use when we have people over for dinner

I am really happy with them and pleased that I was able to make my own and save some money.

How was your weekend?

Mine was nice, we had a lovely social weekend and caught up with family and friends

Today is a Bank holiday here in NSW so I am having a relaxing day at home catching up on some reading and a bit of paperwork.

I hope you all have a lovely week.



  1. They look fantastic Nellie, I would never have thought to do that and it's so effective and looks tres stylish in black too!
    I like your idea of the small ones being signs for parties. You did an amazing job. I've got some old placemats that are a bit tired now and I've also got chalk board paint so I might have to give this project a go. Have a great bank holiday my dear!

  2. yes, FANTASTIC idea, great job!
    they look fantastic on your beautiful table....


  3. Hey Nellie... what a great idea, great Rainy Day project as well!

  4. I like your idea to keeping napkins for the reception table. Rolling up is very unique idea, well, using colourful ribbons will looks attractive.

  5. That is very cool, I love that the second lot of paint that you forgot to check was photographed on the Complaints part of your magazine.;-).
    You are lucky to have lovely handwriting for these to look so fantastic....

  6. They look fantastic Nellie, I would love to try this myself. i love your tablescaping as well, very pretty!!

  7. They look great. Such a simple idea too. xx

  8. What a great idea and so simple to do. They look great!

  9. Oh Nellie they turned out BEAUTIFULLY....You've RE-INSPIRED ME to get my bum into gear & put some gift packs together for my space & as gifts for Christmas....!!

    Tamarah xxx