Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making Gold white

I think I need to retire, 

now that I am back at work I am just not able to visit all my favourite blogs as often as I would like!

I still haven't finished sharing all of my holiday projects with you, well anyone who is interested!

Remember my little vase that I scored for $3

A bit of white spray paint and presto!

It is always best to apply spray paint in thin layers to avoid runs in the paint.

I love how easily you can transform stuff with a bit of paint! 

What about you?



  1. I agree Nellie, white paint fixes everything! I love that lily too :)

  2. Wow Nellie you have acheived so much in your holidays. I love the chalk placemats, very stylish and gorgeous pics of it all too. The clay tag hanging is beautiful. You should sell those bags, I would love one (not a sewer!)Thank you for your lovely comment recently on my new addition post - glad one finally worked and I can comment too! Have a great week. Take care
    Rebecca x

  3. It's amazing what a little bit of white paint can do..thanks for sharing all of your holiday projects..I really adore the placemats..divine . Enjoy your weekend XOX

  4. Love that DIY! I've got a couple unappealing old bits and pieces lying about the house, and I'll be looking them over with a fresh eye to see what a coat of paint could do to them!
    - Catherine at The Spring (in Brisbane!)

  5. What a difference a bit of paint can make, looks great. And can relate re the work thing, have been so busy at work lately that don't have much energy to get online when at home. Hope you had a good weekend. G