Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do I look fat in this?

Why does pregnancy send you into a spin?

I would like to think that normally (ok occasionally) I am a practical women but all that seems to change when you're pregnant. I can cry at the drop of a hat, I am angry for no reason, I am miserable, I am ecstatic,

I am fat, I am fat, yep I am just feeling really fat!

My poor hubby has had to put up with me and yesterday morning during our normal getting ready for work, school etc, I walked  out of the bedroom and instead of continuing into the bathroom for hair and makeup I stopped and asked the question......

Do I look pregnant or do I just look fat?

Well if I wasn't feeling so miserable I would've laughed!

Poor hubby looked horrified, a wrong answer,

a slight hesitation and he knew it could go terribly wrong.

He answered well and a disaster was averted but I can't help feeling that I just look fat!

Maybe it's because this 2nd time round (11 years after the first time) I am feeling displaced. It is not my first baby but I feel like it is! I am excited about being pregnant but at the same time I am not in a hurry to start wearing maternity clothes. I want to look pregnant not fat but I feel it is too early to start showing yet!

maybe I should just get one of these

and just so hubby doesn't feel left out he can have one of these

On a good note, I am feeling better and not so tired!



  1. Oh Nellie, you poor thing! I remember that feeling!!! Infact I wish I still had the same excuse!!! (I mean for too much excess weight)!! And there is that awful time that you dont quite look pregnant, but you have the tummy... Dont worry, before you know it you will have a proper, cute little belly that everyone will know for sure is a little baby inside!! And there are so many nicer maternity clothes around now and even leggings with loose prairie type tops... Just keep thinking of the end result!!
    lots of love,
    laura xx

  2. bloody heck! I obviously missed this news while I was away...congratulations! And I'm sure you look fantastic :) I scrolled down and read your post about cravings. For baby 1 I craved olives after never having eaten them before. and for no 2 it was ice...but I discovered that was because I was aneamic!

  3. Nellie, I bet you look just damn fine! ...and in no time you'll start showing that every growing baby bump...try to enjoy it....and for god sake, don't ever resort to a preggers moo moo...that would be bloody tragic!

  4. Funny! The only excuse I have is 'food baby' at this point! haha

  5. Hey Nellie, I totally get it but try to embrace every curve that will be your body's support system for your baby. And I think you're meant to show earlier with subsequent babies, so don't fret too much. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing even if you don't feel it some days. xx

  6. Oh Nellie! I remember exactly how you feel. And everyone is like 'oh it's so beautiful, so natural' but when your hormones are going on roller coaster rides by the min and your body is going haywire you don't exactly feel beautiful or natural do you. And I remember thinking that it wasn't fair that in the first trimester when you're feeling sick and tired you still have to stand on the train because people would just think you had had a big breakfast and not that you're growing a precious little tiny bundle of love.
    Hang in there my dear, I'm sure you don't look fat at all!!!
    It's so exciting!

  7. Nellie,
    I bet you look beautiful, Perhaps you can experiment with your wardrobe and come up with a couple of looks that make you feel good. Or go out and buy a gorgeous loose white blouse thats floaty and you can team it up with a belt or wear it loose with jeans or leggings. Above all else just keep focused on what's going on inside that tum. That's your precious bub you are waiting to meet and love. Be kind to yourself often we are our own harshest critic.
    Donna xx

  8. I do remember this feeling, I think its universal among all pregnant women & the same for the dread & fear that the dads face when we ask these questions, LOL!!!
    I think you would look fabulous no matter what shape or size Nellie!!!

  9. I'm no help at all, but I must say the t-shrts are cute :)
    I'm sure you look wonderful! I cracked up at Kerry's comment :)

  10. It is a tough stage to neat in pregnancy. The stage where people aren't sure if you are pregnant or gaining weight.

    Maybe you need a little shopping trip to find some in between things to carry you over the hump....pardon the pun.

  11. I totally get what you mean! We told our neighbor when I was 14 weeks (and not really showing) and she said she "knew I was pregnant because I was wider the last time she saw me". Wider was not the look I was going for!

    I got so frustrated at my husband the other day for this very same reason (he did not answer correctly). In the beginning, the pooch would come and go and I wanted to know what it looked like from his prospective. So now, I feel like I'm really looking pregnant and I showed him the comparison pics of 17 weeks vs 20 and said "wow, I can see a difference here, can you?". He hesitated then I probe further and his response was something along the lines of "I don't want to tell you look fat all the time". I was like "WHAT?!!!". I don't want you to tell me that either, but if our baby is growing and YOU notice it, I would like for you to mention it. GAH! haha!

    I hope you enjoy your mini break--it is much deserved!

  12. *perspective not prospective

  13. My hormones and moods went a little hay wire too Nellie - 'so I am told!!!' Hang in there and enjoy every minute. FF was glamorous through her pregnancy, take a look at some of her outfits for inspiration perhaps? Take care. ;-)