Thursday, March 24, 2011


Pregnancy does strange things to your body and also to your taste buds,

I have never liked Vegemite

for those of you who have never tasted it

Vegemite is very salty and not very nice!

My husband on the other hand loves Vegemite.

Last night he had a late night snack of Vegemite on toast and jokingly offered me a bite.

I surprised him and said yes!

Then I shocked him (and me) and promptly ate one of his pieces of toast with Vegemite!

Guess what I am having for morning tea today....

Yep, Vegemite on vita wheats!

Have you ever had funny cravings 
or found you suddenly liked something you used to really dislike?

Have a great day!


PS. Thank you for all of the wonderful comments you guys left me on my last post.
We are really thrilled and excited about our news
and I am looking forward to sharing the experiences with you.
Hopefully I won't bore you silly with pregnancy/baby talk though. : )


  1. I was into seaweed rice crackers and green tea. Very healthy apparently!

  2. hehehehe thats so funny.....try marmite...
    when i was preggers i loved mustard {couldn't get enough} and oranges big smooch to you my friend
    enjoy your vegemite xx

  3. Haha, I love it...I went off coffee!! and devoured and crunched my way through ice cube after ice cube, loved peanut paste and ate boxes of honey smacks!! This was only with my son, had nothing with my daughter.
    Rebecca x

  4. Hi Nellie, I obviously missed a post and sort of worked out your good news so Congratulations!!!!! ;-)

  5. i was into grean tey too :-) lovely greetings

  6. OMG! Congratulations! We're expecting our first child (mid-August).

    This isn't really a weird craving but I have been craving watermelon so bad--I love watermelon anyway but it's just not any good in the winter. My substitute for the watermelon was oranges (which normally I eat one per year because the acid gives me canker sores)--I ate an entire 10 pound bag of oranges in a two week period. No canker sores! I guess I needed some vitamin C. But I'm still dreaming of watermelon and can't wait for them to be in season.

  7. Oh and might I add--I'm really looking forward to your posts about pregnancy and babies. :) You'll know you have at least one readers apt attention (but many more I'm sure!).

  8. Now Nellie, I have to correct you...yes, Vegemite is salty, but it is also VERY nice!!
    I couldn't imagine my world without it!!

  9. Nellie I love vegemite & when Im feeling unwell I always crave vegemite toast & chocolate milk. My cravings have been different with all 4 pregnancies but funny enough what ever i craved for is also a favourite food for that particular child. I guess that means your gonna have a "happy little vegemite" LOL!!!

  10. LOL!! I had similar experience. I HATE with passion tinned tuna, baked beans & milk(yuk, yuk, yuk) but somehow my body wanted exactly that. Also, I had a huge need to run - I had never been a runner in my life. Go figure!
    the good thing is your taste buds will go back to normal and you will once again hate vegemite :).
    I have to say to a naturalised Aussie, I love it, and this has nothing to do with pregnancy. All the best.
    Maja xxx

  11. UMMAR Nellie....I've NEVER met ANYONE in Oz who was NOT a vegemite person....hahahahahaha....I'm SO GLAD your cravings have kicked in to maintain the status quo.... :o) !!!!!

    THANK YOU so much for keeping up with my adventures while I've been away....I'm LOVING being able to share the fun....!!

    Cheers for now from Texas,
    Tamarah xx

  12. Congratulations Nellie! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Our baby is due on 23rd Sept too! I have been having some strange cravings too but unfortunately mainly for things you can't buy in Italy. I'm looking forward to sharing pregnancy stories with you. Take care x x

  13. I can't remember any cravings now it seems like so long ago. I have to admit I love vegemite on toast and on vita wheats too:) I haven't eaten vegemite on vita wheats for ages thanks for reminding me. xo