Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Autumn Rain

Welcome to the first day of autumn!

 and what a way to start the season,

with lots of rain!

I like the way that colours can look more vibrant when they are wet

 I don"t mind the rain...........

in moderation

It can be a nuisance if I have a lot of running around to do

But I wouldn't mind so much If I had some cute accessories

What about the whole matching outfit!

Or some stylish heels?

image here

Whatever your first day of Autumn/Spring brings you

 I hope you are having a lovely day.



  1. I sure could use a lil color in my Life right now!

    It is very wet, windy and very gray out.I need to see some color soon, very soon.~Cheers Kim

  2. Hi Nellie, I love that first image and I love those high heeled boots! Stay dry. ;-)

  3. I can't believe it's technically autumn - yuk! But I love those images and the gumboots are something else!

  4. hey beautiful nellie.......i love love love the first image so magical and capturing.....thanks for you lovely post the other day, totally made my day big smooch coming at ya lisa xx

  5. I love the rain. After living without it for so long, I'm really enjoying it now. I love those days that look like your pictures do - when the whole day becomes dark with the rain. Just beautiful. Rachaelxx

  6. Love all the boots. I am a big fan of Autumn and watching the leaves change colour. I also love the fashion for cooler weather. Just wish we had more of a Summer here in Melbourne. G

  7. Welcome to Autumn to you too! We had lots of wind and rain today in Melbourne and I had to wear a singlet under my top and then a cardi to keep warm. I love summer and struggle a bit in winter with the grey days. Here's hoping Autumn puts on some warm sunny days for us. I think I need to invest in some funky gumboots this winter.
    Donna xx

  8. Hey Nellie....!

    I'm LOVIN' those green gumboots & when I get out of my 'where in the heck did my summer go' FUNK, I might go find me some....It's been too cool & wet a summer for me to embrace Autumn....Just yet....!!

    Hope you're having a FABULOUS week Lovey....!

    Tamarah :o)

  9. Hi Nellie, I love Autumn with the cooler days and nights...but with soooo much rain I think some of those gorgeous gumboots will need to be ordered...thanks for sharing. Take care XOX

  10. Such gorgeous images Nellie! Cant believe that summer is over...:(
    How are things going for you!!
    I keep you in my thoughts and smile when i see your beautiful angel pic!!
    hugs, Laura xxx