Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dreaming of Tahiti

I have only been back at work for a week and already I am dreaming of better times


a better time....

3 years ago to be honest with you.......

when we were honeymooning in Tahiti

Hubby wanted to go to the Maldives but me being the thrifty person that I am said

"there are over water bungalows in Tahiti and it is so much closer to us than the Maldives! Surely we will save money!"

so being the wonderfully caring person that he is, he agreed,

just to make me happy

and the tickets were booked......

We would start with 3 nights on the main island in the capital, Papeete,

where we would see in the New Year of 2008.

From there we would fly to a smaller island and

stay in an over water bungalow for 6 nights all inclusive.

After this luxuriously restful break

we would cruise around the Tahitian and Cook Islands for 10 nights,

followed by one more night on the mainland

and a further week in Sydney with our son Nicholas in order to bond as a family

and get used to sharing space together

 in a neutral environment.

Tahiti was lovely but.................

Oh my goodness it was horrendously expensive!!!!

In the manic lead up to the wedding,

which involved moving house and Christmas,

end of school year and birthdays I totally,

didn't even think about checking exchange rates

or even researching anything further than

it was closer to us than the Maldives... so surely it must be cheaper!!!

So when we arrived at our Sheraton Resort and

ordered a club sandwich as a late night snack from room service

we weren't expecting it to cost close to $50!?!?!?!?

Oh dear!

My WH took it all in his stride and didn't get all flustered

(unlike someone else that was there), he just shrugged and said

"Just enjoy it Gorgeous, we are only having one honeymoon so just relax!"

So we did

It was amazing

We had a wonderful time

Tahiti wasn't what I expected it to be

but it was still wonderful

It was very similar to Bali and Fiji in the way that the locals seemed to be very under privileged and were living in poor conditions.

However the Tahitians seemed to have an arrogance about them and they really didn't seem to welcome the tourists.

The resorts were fantastic and my favourite for relaxation was definitely the over water bungalow

It was so private and the water was amazing,

 it is the first and only time that I have skinny dipped....

We were able to jump into the water straight off our balcony and it was so warm,

 we had a platform to climb back onto with a shower to rinse off under.

Even snorkeling around the bungalows was amazing,

so much to see and we didn't have to go far at all.

The cruise was also a big hit! We both loved it,

it was a smaller ship and therefore had a more intimate feel,

 we got to know the people on board and felt very special.

It was lovely to stop by the piano lounge to have a cocktail after dinner

and have a song sung especially for us!

 I swum with Sting rays and though it doesn't sound like a big deal

 it was not long after we lost Aussie icon Steve Irwin

 to a sting ray incident so I felt quite brave to be hopping in the water with them.

I would definitely recommend going on a cruise, we hope to do it again soon!

 I love holidays!

I love planning them

and I love taking them!

My favourite ones include warm weather and beaches!

What about you?

What are you dreaming about right now?



  1. I am dreaming with you now. (lol) I would love to be there right now where it is sunny, hot and not raining.... The rain is not fun anymore I would love summer to come so we could go to the beach:) Beautiful photos of your honeymoon, what a sweet hubby you have. xo

  2. Holy Cow Nellie! Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!! You have me wanting to travel so bad right now... I am dreaming of my own honeymoon as we speak!

  3. It looks like a wonderful time Nellie and the cruise sounds amazing. I'd like to do a cruise one day but at the moment I am dreaming of Paris (like always). One of my friends is being taken there by her husband for her birthday this year and I am really really trying not to be jealous. Hopefully one day I will get to go there :)

  4. Those photos are beautiful. What great memories. Tahiti is not for the faint-hearted - the difference between the privileged and under-privileged is alarming and the cost of living is horrendous! You would've got the shock of your life then if you weren't expecting the high prices. It is one of the most expensive places in the world.
    We went in 2009 to see my Mum who was living there at the time and catch up with family. The boys had a wonderful time living as locals for a while.

  5. Our honeymoon is the only time we have spent money with gay-abandon and it was only 4 days long (just as well).
    Looks like you have some wonderful memories Nellie.
    The only countries I have been in are NZ and Aus. so anywhere would be nice to visit!

  6. Hi nellie, just left a big long comment, then lost it all!! Loved your last two gorgeous posts, everything about them, i almost cried at one point!! just going to see if this comment is saved..
    hugs, laura xx

  7. Ughh. . . I'm stuck here in New York State in freezing cold temperatures (and pregnant!) so these pictures are definitely a tease! I'd LOVE to be there right about now -- great post!

  8. Ughh. . . I'm stuck here in New York State in freezing cold temperatures (and pregnant!) so these pictures are definitely a tease! I'd LOVE to be there right about now -- great post!

  9. Your photo's of Tahiti are just gorgeous Nellie! I'm a beach loving girl too and would love to be there right now! ~Deb~

  10. What a beautiful recap. Tahiti looks gorgeous but I had always heard it was expensive, I think also Bali and the other Asian countries being so close means its alot more affordable for us here in the West.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful time in your life.

  11. Thanks for sharing your wedding and honeymoon with us. Your wedding photos are divine and Tahiti looks so beautiful. I have not been overseas but am dreaming of visiting the USA..a girl can dream. Take care Kym X