Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Beauty in Creation

 When you stop to look around it is amazing how much beauty you can find.

In all of God's creation there is so much to be grateful for

Jemima is our cat, she is beautiful

and when I stop long enough to observe her she is full of wonders

I find that most of the time I am always rushing around trying to fit in so much

I don't often stop to appreciate all of the blessings around me

With all of the devastation caused by the flooding around us

I find that I am more and more thankful for what I have

I am thankful for all of the beauty in the world around me

including my beautiful new nephew that I met on the weekend.

I was able to stop and enjoy the beauty in him

He is all of 6 days old

the cute munchkin in the back is also my nephew and my Godson.

He is also very special to me.

I hope you had a great weekend

and that you were reminded in some way of the blessings you have in your life.

We also stopped in Ikea while we were in Sydney after having Yum Cha at Rhodes I am very grateful that I can visit and shop and then I can leave the hustle and bustle of the city and come home to my relatively quiet city of Orange.

What are you grateful for?



  1. super cool post......i'm grateful for so so much, i feel totally blessed with everyting i have and has been given to me....today i'm grateful for this post!!!!!! thanks for reminding us to stop and enjoy the simple things big smooch to you lovely nellie xx

  2. Nellie- so refreshing to review your blog once again after I've taken a blogging break.

    Nellie, thanks for the inspiring thoughts and pictures and reminders of a all that is good in this world.

    Nellie, on a personal note - I sincerely hope that 2011, is your year.

    Love Tracey x

  3. Nellie ~ your post today left me feeling so good. Thank you! I am so very grateful for my home and family and wonderful friends, including all the great blog friends that have bloomed in my life over the past year. Thanks for the beautiful springlike photos. They warmed up a cloudy, snowy day here in the states. :)

    xoxo laurie

  4. I agree, these floods have made me feel grateful for what I have. My house might be in desperate need of repair, but it is clean and free rom mud, apart from Molly dog's paw prints on the couch!

  5. So many simple pleasures in life to be grateful for. What pretty flowers and what a cute little bub!

  6. Ditto to all of the above. And you have a gorgeous nephew, a gorgeous dog and beautiful flowers!

  7. Such a sweet post Nellie. I am grateful for a full bill of health, a loving soul mate, a safe home and the prospect of starting a family soon! :-)

    Your cat and nephews are gorgeous! Hope you're having a great week. x

  8. Hi! Your nephew looks beautiful and Mum looks so vibrant and happy. Indeed something to be thankful for. Hope you are having a lovely week. Emma. xx

  9. Hi Nellie, what a timely reminder for all of us. At the moment I am grateful to have a roof over my head here in Brisbane. As I help out those affected by the flood I must say my life is truly rich, if you know what I mean. It has given me a new appreciation for even the smallest of things.
    I have just had a read through your back posts - love what you did with the dog house, it looks wonderful, your dog must be very house proud now! Michelle

  10. Your nephew looks absolutely gorgeous..Rachaelxx

  11. Well said and completely agree. Just did a post myself on Summer colour and how wonderful the garden is at the moment. In the past week I have really been trying to 'stop and smell the roses' so to speak. G

  12. Beautiful post Nellie & definately a good reminder to us all. Lovely photos & congratulaions on your lovely new nephew.

  13. Hey Nellie, back again, I have tagged you for a couple of awards over at my blog if you have time!