Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Zealand - Day Four

Day Four – Tuesday 4th May 2010 Last night we researched the next stop that we had in mind, we wanted to get to Collingwood tonight and go on a Farewell Spit Eco Tour but unfortunately there are no tours available until Thursday and that puts us a day behind our proposed schedule and gives us an extra day to get to Collingwood. It’s not the end of the world so we can just take it easy and take two days to get to Collingwood. Picton is the port where the inter island ferry docks it is Marlborough's main commercial port and provides access to Queen Charlotte Sound. We watched the inter islander Ferry as it left in the morning on its’ way to Wellington. The 92km voyage takes 3 hours.

Just around the corner from Picton was this huge logging port. All of us were impressed with the size of it!
We chose to take the scenic Queen Charlotte Drive through the Malborough Sounds and it was a really beautiful trip.

Further along we stopped to “ooooh” and “aaaah” over the clear water at The Grove near Okiwa Bay.

We drove into Havelock and stopped for coffee at a cafe near the harbour.
As we got closer to Nelson we turned off the main road onto Cable Bay Road to stop in at an adventure centre and enquire about their four wheelers. Nicholas really, really wanted to drive a four wheeler however most places there was an age restriction and even though our son is tall he is only ten. No luck for Nicholas but lucky for us we found the ideal spot for lunch!
This was one of those moments when I really appreciated the flexibility of the motor home. Great views and great food and thanks to our wine tasting the day before, great wine! We arrived in Nelson fairly early in the afternoon so we stopped in the city to look around and explore. The church was outstanding and if I remember correctly cost $800 per day to maintain! We were able to go inside and look around as well.
This is where we stopped for the night.
Picton to Nelson (110klms)



  1. You're covering some of the best spots - so homesick, but loving seeing your photos! Marlborough is lovely - Mike and I were married at Furneaux Lodge in the Marlborough Sounds, and Picton is one of my favourite NZ towns. Can't wait to see more...

  2. Nellie, the pictures are wonderful. I loved that you stop and try new things on your journey! I do hope you get many of these photos blown up and framed!

  3. Anonymous19 May, 2010

    Hi Nellie,
    Thanks for the tour through New Zealand. The pictures are gorgeous!!
    I'm so glad you visited my blog and thanks for your lovely comments. It's always nice to meet new bloggers. I am a happy new follower, so I will be back often to see what you're up to.
    :) ~ Jo

  4. Hi Nellie, I hope you are doing weel and you'are enjoing your trip!
    You are the lucky winner of my gift!
    Come to visit me. Just write me all your details at gaia.borzicchi@gmail.com
    Talk to you soon!

  5. Your photos are fantasticly clear Nellie. Looks like you had some nice weather for your trip. We have friends in Nelson and they love it there.
    We went to the South Island for our honeymoon 24years ago next Monday so it holds a special place.

  6. Nellie, I am loving your NZ adventure diary entries! It looks like you had the most wonderful time! I have always wanted to see NZ and in particular Marlborough sound, so I am loving your photos. thank you so much for sharing your trip here on your blog. I am looking forward to your Day 5 post:) Hope you are having a lovely week Nellie ~ Tina xx

  7. Looks like New Zealand was amazing and so beautiful! Thanks for the tour and for you sweet comments on my blog today! Deb

  8. Everything just looks so picturesque! What beautiful views from your motor home. Am loving seeing your photos x

  9. I just love the views out of the window! Your pictures are great.