Monday, May 31, 2010

New Zealand Day 13 & 14 (Last instalment)

Day 13 – Thursday 13th May 2010 Our 2nd last day today and we have finished with traipsing round the country and we are now based in Christchurch until we head home on Saturday morning. After watching ‘How to train your dragon’ at the cinema we headed off to the Antarctic Centre.

Established in 1992, the Antarctic Attraction is located in the heart of a working Antarctic campus at Christchurch International Airport. It is from here that many Antarctic missions are organised. With this in mind the Antarctic Attraction is designed to bring a powerful and memorable experience of Antarctica to visitors in a fun, exciting, informative and commercially successful way. (from We entered the snow and ice experience where the room is chilled to -5 degrees Celsius and the Antarctic Storm blows every 30 minutes in the Snow and Ice Experience and comes complete with stunning lighting, authentic Antarctic blizzard audio and 40 km/h winds. From memory the temperature went to -18 degrees Celsius during the storm (maybe colder, I can’t remember, it was cold!)

We saw some cute penguins

Part of the centres attraction is the Hagglund ride; we had a turn on this just before they closed for the day. The Hagglund is a genuine as-used-in-Antarctica all terrain vehicle, you experience travelling across rough terrain simulated to be the same travelling conditions as scientists would experience riding in a Hagglund across the ice pack. Day 14 - Friday 14th May 2010 Last day today : ( First stop is the Go Karts, Nicholas had been asking all holiday to have a turn on GoKarts or on four wheelers whichever one he was able to drive himself. Given he is only 10 this was not as easy to find as we thought. Any way we found some Go Karts that he was able to drive himself and we all had a go. I am pleased to say that I managed to score the fastest lap and the boys had such a great time that we agreed to stop back in the afternoon before we dropped the Motor Home back to the rental agency. I refrained from having a second go (I didn’t want to embarrass them further with my expert driving skills and someone had to take photos). We spent the rest of the day wandering around Cathedral Square.

Riding the tram

Stopping at the local farmers markets

Walking through mirror lane Walking along The Avon back to the vehicle.

That is almost the end of our holiday, we dropped the motorhome off and stayed at a Hotel for the last night, went back to Cathedral Square for dinner at the Irish Pub and then woke up way too early in the morning to fly home on the 7am flight! Thanks for you patience as I recounted our NZ holiday. I highly recommend a visit if you have never been and hopefully we'll be going back to see the rest of the South Island and to visit the North Island as well one day. And for those of you who are interested some quick facts about the holiday Flights and accommodation - $3,115 Nights spent in NZ - 14 Petrol Costs - $495 Coffee stops - 18 Kilometres travelled - 2,627 Average daily travel - 218kms

WH’s Favourite moment

waking up at Kaikoura lookout and seeing the sun rise over the ocean and its glow spread over the snow capped mountains.

Nicholas’ Favourite moment

driving the Go Kart

Nellie’s favourite moment

Scenic flight to Milford Sound with spectacular views

Family memories - Priceless Hope you all have a great week!



  1. I've really enjoyed your recount of your wonderful NZ trip Nellie and if we ever get there on a holiday ourselves, I'll be definitely contacting you for some advice on what to do and where to go. The Antarctic experience looked amazing - must have been so much fun. Mirror Lane looks so cute too. Thanks for sharing these lovely memories from your trip x

  2. I was glad when I saw you had taken the tram trip, wasn't it lovely? I doubt I would have discovered that gorgeous colourful little street otherwise.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Some amazing pictures! Those penquins are the cutest! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day!

    Kristin xx

  4. It sounds a lot of fun!!! It must be an awesome place!!! xx

  5. I think it has been so cold here this past weekend that you wouldn't have need the antartic experience to experience it - if you know what I mean. Come back soon! And to Wellington next time xx

  6. Hi Nellie, thankyou so much for visiting my blog and your very kind words, I would be so honored for you to host my giveaway. Not sure how that works tho, you might have to fill me in!! I can give you all the details by friday probably; got lots of work to do this week, but I have to give myself deadlines, or I never get things done! Thankyou again so much, I am so grateful, I have come accross so many lovely people in the short time I have been blogging!
    Your photos of new zealand look wonderful; make me want to go on holiday!
    Take care; much love, Laura xxx
    my summerhouse

  7. Nellie,
    reading about your amazing holiday was almost like actually being there and I'm afraid it's the closest I can get to those really wonderful places.. for now!
    so, thank you so much for sharing your precious moments with us ! I loved every minute!
    xo Flaviana

  8. Nellie, what a adventure you guys had!I love the way you did it and for all the days you guys spent there, you did in a pretty good cost!
    Just traveling with you from here was amazing. I could experience another country, another culture and seriously? I can't wait to be in NZ soon!!!!
    Thanks for sharing your trip and your amazing time!
    Li :-)

  9. That was a fantastic recount Nellie and such fun to follow along, thanks so much. I have friends visiting NZ at the moment and they have been sending me photos (via facebook) of our past houses that we lived in over there years ago...the wonders of modern technology!
    Enjoy your day:o)

  10. You should write travel books. I want to go :))

  11. Hi Nellie,
    I have to say I have enjoyed every post about your amazing holiday. Each time I would read about your adventure it put a smile on my face and your photos have been amazing. You have certainly inspired me to aim for a family vacation to New Zealand.
    Thanks for sharing this amazing experience with us all.
    Donna xx

  12. What a great holiday. Thanks for bringing us along. I love the big smiles and lovely photos in this post. Hope you have a safe trip home.

  13. wow, what a great experience Nellie...these are really priceless memories to keep! thanks for stopping by my blog, yours too is next in line so i might need your button next week! have a nice day!

  14. Thank you so much for your kind comment. You encouraged me a lot!! xoxo

  15. Have a wonderful week darling!

  16. It looks like a fabulous vacation indeed!!

  17. That Antartic Centre looks amazing, I would love seeing that!

  18. It all looks amazing!! I've never traveled abroad before, but if I ever do, this would be up there on my list of places to go!

  19. Oh wow the Antartic Centre sounds like so much fun and very cold. It looks Nicolas had a blast driving the go karts my hubby would love to do that! I hope you are having a wonderful day sweet lady.

    The salt clay I made with the girls last week is still going strong and hasn't broken, it's a little cracked but it just adds to the character.

    Catherine xo