Thursday, May 20, 2010

French Navy

For all of my wonderful friends who were getting over my New Zealand recap I thought I would have a small intermission to bring you this................
Before we left for New Zealand I was the very luck girl who won Kelly Green's giveaway! If you haven't visited Kelly's blog then you should go and say 'Hi'. Click HERE. Kelly is an Australian Interior Designer who has been in the design and decorating industry for more than 20 years. She is stylish and knowledgeable and she shares lots of her wonderful finds and inspirations on her blog- Kelly Green.
When we arrived home from our holiday I was so excited to see this gorgeous package. Kelly's giveaway was your choice of a French Navy Stationary Set. This stationary is just divine, the quality is outstanding and it just feels so nice!
There were so many styles to choose from and in the end I stayed with an 'M'. The set comes in this beautiful box (that just feels so nice too) and includes ten note cards with envelopes. I really love this gift and I am still so excited about it! I have this thing for lovely stationary and I buy it and then I can't bring myself to use it because it is just so nice! I am slowly getting better and trying to get over my stationary hoarding!
If you know anyone who appreciates good quality stationary or if like me you have a thing for it please go and have a look at there French Navy Online Store. Miss French Navy also has a blog and she is a modern women who knows how to be graceful in any situation. She is wealth of knowledge on modern etiquette and her French Navy blog is a great read.
So a big "Thank you" to both Kelly Green and Miss French Navy for my beautiful gift!


  1. Congratulations on your prize Nellie, what lovely stationery. Am heading over to check out Kellie's blog now... x

  2. I've just been catching up with your trip and it reminds me we need a holiday!! Lovely photos. And lucky you receiving that lovely stationery.

  3. Congratulations on your prize Nellie, it looks wonderful. I have enjoyed reading about your holiday and am so glad you are back. Take care Kym X

  4. Congratulations on your divine prize. Fine writing paper is so nice and when I decided to finally get personalized stationery went all out for truly old fashioned engraved stationery that required having a plate made. It's by Cranes in ivory with Navy blue...then I had a set made for sweetie but had a compass design put on his.

  5. Well done you! Looks great, congratulations on winning such a fantastic giveaway K xx

  6. Congrats Nellie and I'll go to take a look on her store. Thanks for sharing!
    Li XoXo

  7. Congrats Nellie that's nice and classy stationery, love the color too!

  8. Congratulations Nellie on your gorgeous giveaway win! It looks like beautiful stationery. Enjoy ~ Tina x

  9. Anonymous20 May, 2010

    Hi Nellie,
    What a lovely gift!! The stationary is just beautiful! I know not many people write letters anymore, now they e-mail and text, but I much prefer a beautiful hand written letter. It's so much more personal and lovely! And the stationary is a plus. By the way, did you ever pick up your award from my blog a few weeks ago? Let me know if you didn't.
    Have a great day.

  10. Hi Nellie, it is so beautiful and timeless, I fully understand your addiction to lovely stationary...i have a thing for pencils at the moment...thanks for dropping by I have been really enjoying reading about your trip, cheers Katherine

  11. Anonymous20 May, 2010

    Congrats on winning such a great prize! I looks beautiful, the wrapping is sometimes my favorite part of the package... I like the 'M'...
    :) Flick