Thursday, October 29, 2009


This was the collection of kitchens that I had in my inspiration files.
I like the three lights above the island bench, not so much the style of them but the placement.
I like the idea of a shelf in the splash back, but I don't think I would ever have one, I think that everything on the shelf would get too grimy and just need cleaning more often.
I love the window and the kitchen sink, so nice to have a view while you wash up the pots and pans. I like the bench tops as well. We will hopefully be replacing our Kitchen bench tops this year with something similar. It will be a DIY project. My darling husband will take care of the bench top and I am going to attempt painting the cupboard doors and replacing the hardware for a fresh new look. I love the amount of light in the kitchen, the green chairs are so cute too. Green and white is one of my favourite colour combinations. It always looks so crisp and fresh. Love the big double sinks and the high arched taps, it looks a little bit too much like a laundry though. I love the kitchen cabinets too, they look like they are individual units and have all different sized draws and cupboards.
I really like the idea of a bookshelf in the kitchen to hold all of the cookbooks.
The island bench top, the sink, the green and white, the cheese, the wine. Looks like a great setup to sit and chat to the chef while they cook up a storm.
Once again I like the bench tops and the old fashioned stove (out of our price range unfortunately), and the little window bench seat/ phone nook.
This kitchen is so light and airy and I like the cupboard hardware, I particularly like the island bench.
When we finish our kitchen makeover I will post some photos so you can see what we end up with.

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