Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I have been tidying my files full of photos and trying to create some semblance of order. As I have plodded along I found pictures I had kept as inspiration for our house we were planning on building. Prior to buying our house we had seriously considered building a house and a friend of ours who is a draftsman drew up plans and we got quotes and found land that we liked. Before we made our final decision we also looked at established houses and in the end we bought our house we are in now. When we were looking at what we wanted in a house we decided that we would like an open plan house based on a French Provincial style. Not with all the fussy trimmings but a rustic style house that had simple finishes. The pictures below were examples of the colour of the walls, the textured finish of the walls and the type of floor (concrete, but not highly polished) we wanted in the family, dining kitchen, wet areas and halls.
Wall colour and texture
Wall colour and open plan space
Wall colour and finish -textured with no cornices
Wall colour and finish, floor is close to what we wanted.
Flooring and fireplace
Yes we were going to have a fireplace as well, we were going to go with a gas flame but we wanted it to look real but without the mess. We wanted stone cladding for the fireplace in the family room to add texture and be the feature in the room.
For the lounge room we wanted a smaller more intimate room, made cosier with carpet to lay on whilst watching movies and a less obtrusive fire place to keep the room warm and comfortable in the cold Orange weather.
As much as we love our house now, we would still like to build a house one day. It will be interesting to see how our tastes and requirements change over time.

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